After a detailed analysis of iPhone SE the second generation became known that it has the same camera as in the iPhone 8. For many it was a Wake-up call, because until then there were rumors that Apple installed in the iPhone SE 2 camera module from the iPhone XR. However, it does not hurt to add in phone support for shooting in portrait mode, which is absent in the iPhone 8, by using software and the latest A13 processor Bionic. iPhone SE 2 is the first Apple smartphone that can take pictures in portrait mode, created entirely using software, not hardware, is what prompted the developers of the popular iOS app for cameras Halide to study his work.

A hidden feature of the iPhone camera SE 2

Despite the fact that the new iPhone SE has a module from the group of eight, his camera can do more, because the software uses “assessment in 2D-mode”. Unlike the other iPhones, it can build the depth map not only three-dimensional image, but even with the usual old photographs and adding depth effect.

As the developer Halide, iPhone, XR is also equipped with a camera with one lens with support for portrait mode, but the iPhone XR obtains depth information by using hardware. It is impossible to do on iPhone SE because the camera sensor from the iPhone 8 does not support this feature. Therefore, it is implemented at the software level.

For example, a standard Camera app in iPhone SE 2020 recognized the person in the picture, which is more than 50 years. And added to it the effect of the portrait. Since the photo is old, difficult to assess how well the smartphone has done the processing, but the availability is a bit surprising. If you have old photos at home and iPhone SE 2, try — your scores can put in our Telegram chat.

Portraits of animals on the iPhone SE

Despite these interesting features the work of portrait mode in iPhone SE is still limited. It only works with people — this is due to a neural network that is responsible for the processing of the photos on the phone. Smartphone just can’t create the right depth map, for example, around the image of a dog or of the subject. In the photo below it is clearly visible — the Apple couldn’t just roll out the function that works in a similar way.

It’s not a bug, but a feature installed by Apple Inc. It applies to iPhone XR, so at first many thought that, since smartphone cameras have the same restriction, which means that their modules are identical. But it is not, because the ban on shooting portraits of animals, food and other items is purely software.

Another question — why Apple made this restriction? In the same iPhone 11 when programmatically portrait mode, which operates without the use of a telephoto lens, to take pictures of people and animals. And in App Store there are special applications that make up the partially lost functionality iPhone SE 2020 — the same Halide,there are generally free programs.