Apple is preparing to launch in Russia a platform for advertising iOS apps in the App Store. Apple Search Ads will allow developers to advertise their product directly in the search App Store. For example, you start to look for a tracker for tracking expenses on iPhone and at the top, before the usual search results, in the first place shows the program developers had paid for the advertising. While earlier, Apple has already provided such opportunity for the Russian developers, but they could customize the ad display only for foreign App Store.

In 2017 (!) the creators of the application had the opportunity to advertise your products in the App Store. They have enough to choose which application they want to advertise, the size of the budget and the amount of money that they are willing to pay for one setting. For “basic” plan in the US the maximum budget is limited to $ 5,000 assumed to exist more small developers than big companies. That is, the developer can spend $ 100: it all depends on its capabilities.

Advertising in the App Store

Despite the fact that many third-party services allow you to buy install apps for money, the advantage of Apple is direct access to the App Store amounts of data that help to make the campaign most effective. The essence of search advertising is that when a user searches for a particular app, he first proposes that developers promote themselves for money. Such ads are marked with the icon “Ad” and placed on a blue background. If he already downloaded the app to promote, banner for him will not be shown.

Advertising in the App Store appeared soon after Phil Schiller was replaced by eddy cue at the post of Vice-President of worldwide services of the company. So Apple wants to encourage developers to promote its products legally, and not through markups of installations and reviews.

Platform Apple Search Ads have previously worked in Russia, but because the developers could not customize the display advertising application for Russian users, it is mainly used in the American and European App Store. Now there is an opportunity to do targeting on Russia — Apple has updated the terms of use of its platform. It should work since may 4.

This means that we should not be surprised in our Telegram chatif soon in search results the App Store you will see advertising applications. Of course, some it will be irritating, but for Apple it is an additional way to draw income from their store. Even the creators don’t mind, because they have a powerful channel for advertising their programs.

According to Apple, about 70% of visitors to the App Store using the built-in search to find the desired application, more than half of the downloads happening immediately after the search. The developers have noted the effectiveness of such advertising — in some cases, the number of downloads increased by almost 20%.

Why Apple Search Ads stopped working in Russia? It happened at the end of 2018 due to tax innovations. Apple had additionally to pay VAT of 18% on income derived from advertising by the developers. The company cited “a temporary problem” and turned off access to Apple Search Ads almost a year and a half. In the case of ordinary sales of apps in the App Store payments fell on the shoulders of the developers.