Despite the fact that the effectiveness of wearing masks for healthy people has not been proven today, few risks to get out of the house without her. Some use respirators, others can make gauze bandages, but, anyway, to protect against coronavirus trying. However, because of this it became almost impossible to unlock your iPhone using Face ID. It will not do to pull a mask in public places, putting themselves at risk. Isn’t it? So people began to cheat and deceive their smartphones, by registering the persons from wearing masks. But Apple, this approach did not suit, and she offered anclass=”wp-caption-text”>Face ID can not unlock the face in the mask, but the mask knows accurately

In the third beta version of iOS 13.5, which was released last night to replace iOS 13.4.5, in addition to the integrated system tracking patients with coronavirus, has a special mode for users who wear masks in this difficult time. The upgrade includes a special add-on that allows the interface Face ID to recognize the mask. No, not the face in the mask, and the fact that the mask is worn. As a result, the smartphone will not attempt in vain to carry out the procedure of face recognition, and immediately prompts you to enter the password.

How to unlock iPhone in the mask

As you can see, the detection masks are pretty fast. In fact, the speed of the password is virtually indistinguishable from the speed of unlocking. As a result, the user may not suffer with self-transition on the input screen protective combinations, and, secondly, don’t try to cheat and trick Face ID, initially registering the person in the mask. It is not only inconvenient but also unsafe, as it allows a completely stranger who gains access to your iPhone, unlock it and view the contents.

Of course, the Face ID may also be wrong. Therefore, if the interface is decided that you have to face wearing a mask, but actually it is not, in iOS 13.5 provides for the possibility of quick scanning of a person even with the password entry screen. Simply swipe your finger from the bottom up, as the process of face recognition starts again. And because the Face ID works really very quickly, the unlock will occur almost at the same moment as you remove your finger from the screen, completing the swipe. In General, it is convenient.

When will the iOS 13.5

This innovation can actually be very useful for many users. In the end, for many it was a real problem every time to conjure on the screen of your iPhone to go to the password entry screen, as the Face ID refused to remove the lock due to wearing a face mask. Perhaps the password is not really what I wanted to most of us, because this unlock method is not as convenient as face detection. But Apple could not sacrifice security and allow Face ID to recognize a face in a mask, so satisfied with what I give.