New iPhone SE captured the hearts of Apple fans even before its release. After all, no other smartphone company had not waited so long and so selflessly. It is because of him a deliberately for four years did not change the original model, hoping that in Cupertino again over your head and release a super-modern smartphone at a knockdown price. The result came out, albeit with some reservations – after all, to the ideal iPhone SE 2020 a little gleaning. But if users mostly he liked the fact that Apple’s competitors didn’t approved it.

Huawei never release anything like the new iPhone SE. In an interview with Forbes, said the company’s chief designer Quentin ting, responsible for the appearance of all the new flagship of Huawei. In his opinion, is too specific a format to make a bet on it. Still, the iPhone’s display SE 2020 too shallow in order to become popular among users who really want a compact smartphone with the largest possible screen, not limiting the possible usage scenarios.

The main drawback of iPhone SE 2020

I don’t think people want a little screen. They want to get the smartphone in a smaller form factor, but with a larger screen. So, instead of revisiting the past, we, designers, need to allow users to buy smartphones with large screens in a compact body, at least by a reduction of framework. The fact that today there are more and more applications that requires a large display, and the overall experience of using a larger display is better — said ting.

Part of the designer’s rights. Large display for many users today is a panacea, and they better buy iPhone XR, which is inferior to iPhone SE 2020, simply because it offers a significantly larger display. The extra half inch give users much more possibilities for self-realization. On this screen more convenient to watch videos, to play, to do web surfing. Yes, even taking pictures with it much more comfortable simply because objects in the viewfinder appear larger.

To suit iPhone SE 2020

But, on the other hand, today quite a lot of users who want to have the most compact device and can fit 6-6,5 inches iPhone case SE 2 – task is not trivial. Moreover, there are even those who are new seems too large, and they would like something close in size to the original iPhone SE. I admit that they are not very much, but my mom is one of these and she is very sorry when I learned that the iPhone SE 2020 was “so big and uncomfortable”.