Bored in quarantine? Then you have not exactly let go of the iPhone and are watching the tiger 3D and many other animals in Google. Because it does not need to install additional applications, simply enter the name of the animal in Google right in the browser on the iPhone. All the animals are very well drawn, moreover, produce very real sounds. What is needed, when the zoo is unable to walk is impossible. And recently came the ability to record 3D animals Google video and share cool videos with friends.

How to burn video 3D tiger Google

Sequence of actions same as under normal viewing 3D tiger. Open Safari, then Google search write the name of the animal you wish to view in augmented reality. It can be a tiger, cat or even octopus, full list animal 3D will leave below. Then click on the “View in 3D” (View in 3D).

After a few seconds (depending on the power of the iPhone) before you in all its glory will appear 3D tiger or any other animal that you choose. Will open something like the Camera application on the iPhone. At the bottom center you will see the shutter — the same you would normally press when you want to just take a photo or shoot video on the iPhone.

  • To make a 3D animal photo, point the camera at the animal and press once on the round button at the bottom;
  • To record the animal in the video, click on the same button and hold until until you want to stop recording just as when you send video messages in Telegram.

Photos and videos will be automatically saved to camera roll. So it is very fun to play with your friends, relatives or readers in our Telegram chatthat you send captured video or photo. They will see that you have, for example, there was a bear in the apartment, and will definitely greatly surprised. In addition, it is great fun for children in quarantine, who will be able to record any animals and then watch them. No need to type the name of the animal in the search and watch it in 3D.

3D animals Google

Not long ago, the list of animals in 3D and expanded, and now there is the Pomeranian, deer and many other animals. Links to all leave below, simply click the link the page opens right animal.