Tracking system for patients with coronavirusthat Apple and Google plan to run from day to day, is one of the most ambitious projects in the history of both companies. There is not only and not so much the fact of tracking users, and that this system was developed in less than a month with the highest safety standards. And that’s not to mention the fact that the project in principle was the only one of its kind initiative, Apple and Google are not focused on joint profit. But about all under the order.

The idea of creating a system of tracking users originally appeared in a small team of Apple developers, whose identities are not disclosed. However, looking ahead, we can assume that it was the same staff who are engaged in the development and improvement of the service “Locator”, where you can find even discharged and not connected to the Network device. They suggested that smartphones can play a key role in the global response to the spread of coronavirus and decided to try something to do with it.

What is a unique surveillance system Apple

The developers reported on their idea of “up” and receiving approval, began work on the project, who called the Bubble, or in Russian, a “Bubble”. The result answered two big head Apple’s senior Vice President of software development Craig Federighi and chief operating officer of the company Jeff Williams. By the end of March the project officially joined Google, and after about a week , Tim cook and Sundar Pichai met to finally approve development of the project.

The rush is generally very unusual for Apple. Usually the company is developing, testing and debugging, not to mention the approvals for months. Especially if we are talking about the service that interacts with personal information that must be protected. However, the obsession with the idea of helping people from all over the world has led to the fact that the company had to change the approach to work on the tracking system. In order to finish it as soon as possible, employees were transferred almost on clock work.

How does Apple track you

In fairness it should be noted that the idea of tracking users via Bluetooth does not belong exclusively to Apple. In the past some companies have used this technique, the locking contacts of people with each other through the power of Bluetooth signal: if the signal is strong, it means that people are close by, if weak, that means they are far away. However were such a system, one obvious drawback, which was not sufficiently effective protection of the Bluetooth Protocol, which by default could not adequately protect user data.

Therefore, the next stage of development was to ensure the safety of user data. Do Ron Huang, who directs the development of location services in the Apple, and guy Tribble, who is in Cupertino called the king’s privacy. They scored a few more people on her team from Apple and Google, which by that time already actively engaged in the development, and engaged in the research protocols, tracking of email contacts.

How do you know that had contact with the patient coronavirus

The result was the maximum appropriate methodology to teach smartphones to send each other anonymous notification about the fact of the meetings of their respective owners. That is, data about user contacts stored only on their device and are transmitted to the server separately and encrypted. And to make the system more reliable, it was decided to add the mechanics of signing of the agreement on track. How exactly this will happen is not clear, but most likely, you will use either the passcode or biometrics.

Interestingly,work on a universal tracking system for iOS and Android were already, it was a closely guarded secret. Even the top management of Apple and Google did not dare to publicly announce the joint initiative, while Sundar Pichai, and Tim cook did not give his consent to start the system and did not approve implementation. Only then in the public field there is information about the project, which should help the population to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and save many lives.