Last week, the Internet just exploded with news that we finally showed the new iPhone SE 2. People began to discuss, to exchange views, to choose the model they would buy, and only we quietly sat down and began to think, how would hurry to meet him personally. Some of the people on our editorial staff have even begun to order it for myself. But as time passed, we got your iPhone SE second generation and I’m ready to tell you what a first impression I have caused. As an introductory note that I use iPhone 11 Pro, but loved my old iPhone 6s. View the impact on me will have the novelty, which is exactly in the middle.

IPhone is better than Android

The first day using a new gadget is not a time when you delve into features, I think, how many RAM or internal memory or something else. All these thoughts were to buy and will be in a few days. The first day you just try to feel the moment and understand what feelings you have is ”new dress”.

Although, in relation to Apple devices, a feature selection is generally not so relevant. You just buy a smartphone that will be the best at their level. This is the difference between iPhone from any Android smartphone. You just have to think, what screen resolution, what CPU and how much RAM on Board. You think about it Apple has rolled out a few devices in different price categories. Just choose how much you’re willing to spend, and you can order. The maximum that you should choose is the amount of internal memory, but with the capabilities of iCloud and it is not so important.

First impression of iPhone SE 2

When I got the new iPhone box SE, I had a strange feeling. I feel like I’m trapped in the past and again bought the iPhone 6S. Box immediately obvious what lies inside. That is why the feeling.

When you open the box and take a smartphone in hand, the feeling only intensified. I didn’t have much experience of using the iPhone 8, but the novelty is very similar to it. It is heavier than the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, but this is the pleasant heaviness.

And I love the glass enclosure, which lie pleasantly in the hand, give that same feeling of pleasant heaviness and the possibility of wireless charging. I’m very used to and very glad that it is in the new smartphone.

Side face felt kind of weird after what I was used to iPhone 11 Pro (metal). They are not cold hand, but encouraging a pleasant roughness of anodized aluminum. Combined with low weight this creates the feeling that the smartphone is literally stuck to your hand and becomes its extension. So comfortable it feels.

Perhaps feeling confident grip is enhanced due to the fact that the smartphone is not frameless. There is nothing that you can’t grab any part of the body, except for the side. If necessary, you can always put your finger on the bottom part where the Home button and the grip will become more reliable.

Itself, the Home button is not the same as the iPhone 6s. She migrated here with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Not sure it is the same design or not, but the feeling is the same. Only here I do not remember, whether to offer previously, when activated, to choose the level of tactile feedback.

In General, as you understand, the first impression of iPhone SE second generation I have only positive. Perhaps the effect is amplified on a wave of nostalgia, but I really like the new smartphone. So the story about him was more complete and objective, I cannot do a full review, but decided to share the first impression. A couple of weeks I will make the experience of using and will be able to tell you how I have changed this impression — so be honest.

Reviews of iPhone SE 2

Except for me, just today my iPhone SE got the owner of the website Mikhail Korolev. I asked him to comment on the purchase, and tell you what he thinks about the smartphone.

Again, it happened the first impression, but I specifically didn’t read it before writing the article, so his opinion is not accidentally influenced my. I note, however, that Michael is very classical iPhone. He long enjoyed the iPhone 7 and the novelty has become for him simply a godsend. Wasting no time, as soon as possible to place an order, he did it.

White color with aluminum frames very beautiful, I remembered the first iPhone. The refusal of the white rim instead of black on the front panel — is also a great solution. By design, this best iPhone at the moment. And he has no bangs )))

Perfect size, like the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, thin, small and very comfortable. That, however, I like buying this model, because the iPhone XS iPhone 11 Pro for me, giants and fat people. Materials glass and aluminium — is that Apple knows how to do perfectly.

And now, most importantly, it just works without lags, brakes and delays. I use the keyboard SwiftType and my iPhone 7 is very slowly deduced on the screen every time I wanted to write something. And just “seven” was not agile lately. 2020 SE just a little rocket, all open at once without lags and freezes.

Well, as a bonus, apparently, you’ve got to say thanks to the next-generation processor, there is a portrait for the front and rear camera, and just the daylight come out great. Later check out what’s in night mode, and while you can follow me in instagram — there are now pictures only with iPhone SE 2020.

How to remove iPhone SE 2

Full tests of the camera to hold it and where to do this during isolation. I took a few photos at home, but a complete picture, they do not give a full comparison I’ll do later.

While I had the feeling that the camera shoots very well. The first thing you notice is excellent detail. The camera is only one, but it takes very good portrait pictures. Even to the resolution of complaints, it is 12 MP. This is quite enough.

In addition, the camera can capture video in 4K at 60 frames per second. CPU power for such a stream is more than enough. He can pull even the HDR mode for video, but it’s worth it.