I am often asked should I buy a used iPhone or it’s better to dig and get yourself a new device. Not going to argue, buy iPhone, used is always a dilemma. You never know what conditions were exploited by the smartphone and how gently he was treated by the previous owner. However, in the current economic climate, buying a new iPhone comes at a price, and already one is beginning to see major sites with ads.

B/the iPhone or new

I have to say, nothing beats the feeling of buying a new device. When you first tear the foil from the box, include and activate the iPhone now users are easier to treat such things, but many, as before, perceive the process as a ritual. Mainly for this reason that I took last fall of the new iPhone 8 for 40 thousand rubles, and the iPhone is not supported by XR, which can be bought for 30-35 thousand rubles, depending on the state. And not because I like the form factor “g” — just after meeting with two sellers b/iPhone all the desire to purchase such a device was missing.

By the way, until recently I was not sorry that have made such a choice. As it turned out, the iPhone 8 in power little inferior to top-end iPhone 11 Pro — to us in edition has arrived all new Apple, and I could visually compare the old and the new generation of iPhones. Ran on both phones demanding games (love Call of Duty for iOS and to fly on planes in Infinite Flight), no discomfort on the iPhone 8 has not experienced.

In addition, after the coronavirus began to spread in Russia, I left the house just the mask and appreciated all the benefits of Touch ID. In a medical mask or respirator Face ID is not working, and to remove the mask in the store to pay for the purchase — bad idea. The day we unlock smart phones a few dozen times to view the notifications, scroll through Instagram feed, write a message, but even just to sleep in the screen nothing to do. So each time to release the person from the mask to give the Face ID to recognize a face, not only inconvenient, but even dangerous, because in this way increases the risk of Contracting coronavirus. Password I also do not 4-digit — I would be tired each time to enter.

But at least I know everything that happened with my iPhone since I bought it in the online Apple store, and I am sure that with proper handling it will last me no less than the iPhone 6, which has only recently swollen battery. So until I will cease “flushing” the idea that it is better to buy a new iPhone a couple of thousand more than supported, even though more feature-rich model.

How to buy a used/have iPhone

I understand that not everyone can share my opinion to voice your opinion, you can in the comments and in our Telegram chat. For those who decided to buy a used iPhone, it will give you a couple of useful tips.

Choice b/u iPhone we need to start viewing the right ad. I must say that it is not necessary to consider the ads, in which the price of the phone significantly below the market. In the end, will tell you to either pay for the phone before sending it, or you will spend a lot of time waiting for the “seller” on any edge. Pay attention to the ads, which price is not too high. Usually all phones are the same price and differ by 1-3 thousand depending on model and condition. You should also decide whether you need a full set, depends on the cost.

Once the right device is selected, during the inspection it is necessary to pay attention to the IMEI converges if the number is on the case (the SIM tray) with the number in the settings (and on the box, if any). To check you can dial *#06#.

How do you know that iPhone new

In the “basics” section of the iPhone settings in the top is a section “About phone”. Specify the memory capacity, serial number, device model and many more. We are interested in model — to determine the status of the iPhone on its first letter.

  • M is a new device that is not subjected to exchange or restoration
  • F — restored device
  • N — the owner carried out a replacement device under warranty in the service center
  • P — personalized device. This means that when buying it was engraved

The bolts at the bottom (below the corners were not “pinched”) is the first sign that the phone was in repairs. Notice that this determination is still difficult, and rely heavily on this trick is not worth it. Pay attention to the glass chamber. If you see that beneath the dust, most likely, the device was dealt with.

Be sure to carefully inspect the upper part of the display module, the glass should fit snugly on the upper part of the body. If it’s unstuck, it means the body is deformed or is a display of poor quality. The display: the colors should be saturated, the response is perfect (hold down any icon and get her over the whole area of the screen, if the label lasted until the end of the problems, probably not), view the status of oleophobic coating.

Check the fingerprint scanner Touch ID or Face ID, all buttons, headphone plug, if there is one. Call 112, thereby check the speaker, holding a hand over the ear speaker, check the proximity sensor. Test run the camera, flash, recorder, be sure to check the work of compass, Siri, navigation, LTE. Well, activation lock, of course.

B/the iPhone or restored

What actually is a refurbished iPhone? This means that the company has been in the use of a smartphone, bring it back to the factory, changed the display, casing and other faulty components and sent it back on sale at a reduced price. If it was restored from Apple, it is better to buy it than used, even in perfect condition.

There is another type of “remanufactured” machines — which come from Chinese sweatshops with love. Craftsmen of China have long established the process of restoring broken or used iPhone. Most of these phones are damaged (cracked screen, motherboard corrosion). These phones, of course, not worth taking in any case.