This week, the first buyers began to get an iPhone the second generation SE, which Apple showed a week earlier. We already made a first impression and shared it. Now we continue to understand it, but to talk about the full experience of using yet. Therefore, we decided to test the cameras. For comparison, we took iPhone SE second generation and iPhone 11 Pro. It is these two models we are interested in the first place due to the fact that the difference in cost between the two time. This is a very serious gap, but what’s particularly interesting, the comparison result startled us. This difference we did not expect.

The iPhone camera SE 2

The main difference between cameras iPhone SE second generation and iPhone 11 Pro is that they have a different number of modules. In the first, only one module at a time, as in the second of their three.

For this indicator, the novelty is clearly inferior to the ”elder brother”. In normal life I often use a wide angle module, but more often with a telephoto. Though the zoom is not as big as some other smartphones, but in certain situations it is indispensable. For example, when it is necessary to remove something larger, but when approaching the subject camera stops normally focus on it. And sometimes, just too lazy to come closer and easier to choose the magnification of the optics.
I note that sometimes on the telemodul ‘ image is much more artistic. That is, the background is blurred more smoothly and naturally. This is especially important when photographing subjects, as when shooting people, the treatment works well and the blur still looks very soft.

Perhaps the biggest difference cameras iPhone SE second generation and iPhone 11 Pro is in the process of shooting (about the final result pictures will discuss below) is how the camera works. The product she a little longer adjusts exposure and white balance. That is, if you hover on an iPhone 11 Pro, you can immediately press the button. IPhone SE the second generation is often the first is slightly more faded, especially in cloudy weather, and then adjusts the picture becomes a little more juicy. But the difference is noticeable only if you hold the smartphone in each hand and point them at the subject.

Still, to me personally, appeared to the eye that the iPhone SE the second generation does not have night mode. I often used it in iPhone 11 Pro even in those moments when the camera dealt with the lighting. Without a special night mode that works programmatically and just activated the iPhone 11 Pro and locked in iPhone SE in the dark cameras shoot about the same. The big difference I noticed, and if it is, then, as they say, here and there. Sometimes one takes better, sometimes the other.

How to remove front camera iPhone SE 2

For front camera there are no complaints. Maybe sometimes frontalka iPhone 11 Pro is a bit better but the background, not touching the hair, but it turns out not always. As a rule, the result is about the same.

The only significant difference between the cameras is that frontalka iPhone 11 Pro has a resolution of 12 MP and the new iPhone SE only 7 MP. In order to post photos on social networks or to take selfies with friends, that is enough.

Portrait mode works too so nothing to complain about. Both cameras can produce good pictures in this mode.iPhone SE a little more wrong with the settings and processing. The difference is only visible if we draw a direct comparison. In ordinary life we can hardly see the difference, as the shooting goes on constantly in different conditions.

As the iPhone is shooting in the dark

I said that the iPhone camera SE software does not have a night mode. Software I call it not due to the fact that processing is carried out on the finished picture, and because of the fact that to get the camera to work on more endurance and ”stick” to it the stabilizer can be programmatically. It is unlikely that iPhone SE the second generation, there are features that do not allow to implement such functionality. Most likely the difference of equipment arises from the fact that you just have to explain the difference in the cost of two smartphones with excellent cameras. Of course, differences enough without it, but the camera still needs to be something different, except for two extra lenses.

As iPhone SE second generation shoots video

I will not talk about how to shoot the cameras of these smartphones. It is just necessary to show. So view videosevennine iPhone features SE second generation and iPhone 11 Pro.

Compare photos 2 and iPhone SE iPhone 11 Pro

And now without further discussion, you can just show up, look like photostaken on two wonderful smartphone, about which I wrote a lot in this article. In the end you will find a link to download these photos and can compare them to their original quality.

This camera iPhone SE second generation and iPhone 11 Pro came to an end. It seems to me that the cameras are very close in terms of quality. At least if you only want the camera to pay twice doesn’t make sense.