Despite the fact that a month earlier, Apple released the first beta of iOS 13.4.5, jumping at once through four updates, at some point, Apple changed his mind and decided to fill the resulting gaps. In any case, this was indirectly hinted at the release of iOS 13.4.1. Therefore, many have decided that while Apple testing iOS 13.4.5, she will release a few more filling updates with bug fixes and improvements, especially to correct and improve in iOS 13 really have something. However, instead of the third beta version of iOS or iOS 13.4.5 13.4.2 today Apple released the third test build of iOS 13.5.

iOS 13.5 – in many ways unique update. First, this is the first in the history of the fifth functional update that iOS gets. Up to this point, the mobile operating system from Apple received no more than four such updates. However, due to issues with iOS 13, with which the company faced at the start, she had to slightly shift the schedule of release of new OS versions and release iOS 13.4 not in June, as it happened with the same updates in the past, and in March. Therefore, some – for example, I was sure that in the near future we can expect iOS and 13.5. And so it happened.

As Apple monitors patients COVID-19

Secondly, I think you already understand why Apple has seeded the third beta of iOS 13.5. Here it is not in a hurry and not in the company’s desire to quickly start the system tracking patients with coronavirus,it is important. The thing is that Apple just renamed iOS in iOS 13.4.5 13.5. Initially, when the company launched the beta program for iOS 13.4.5, she wasn’t going to track the infected COVID-19, however, when the need arose, in Cupertino decided that passing the update of the third order here is clearly not necessary, and you need to release something more meaningful.

Third, iOS 13.5 is unusual in that includes a built in tracking system users, patients with coronavirus. Technically it is not literally spying on those who are officially diagnosed COVID-19, and records of meetings of people with each other. This system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, forcing your iPhone to emit signals, which are received iPhone all whom you meet. However, the fact of the meeting shall be counted only if you stand close enough to the interviewee for five minutes.

How Apple protects your data

Data that is stored on the devices met users in encoded form. Subsequently, if one of them finds out that he diagnosis COVID-19, he can report it to a special application. As a result, the system will analyze all who had any contact with the infected, and notify them about it, advising to take the test. Of course, neither time nor venue, nor even the media name will not be transferred, so you will never know who was going to get it.