At this time, “pierced” Tim cook. Remembering the few epic moments in Apple’s history, he spoke about the present and the future “fruit” of the company. Victory over the virus is inevitable, but to overcome the effects of a pandemic will be a lot harder to deal with it. Apple, USA and the human race is saving innovation, selfless creative labor and “next great product”. And, among other interesting projects, Tim mentioned Apple Car. The project, which (according to rumors) was closed in January 2019. In which created anything (or multimedia entertainment system for passengers, managed, tinted Windows, True Tone to control the interior lighting), but not the vehicle. The project is still alive, working on it, it must result in something great.

Office complex in Sunnyvale, California in the city a dozen miles from Cupertino, where if you believe the gossip and assumptions of observers, is the group working on the Apple Car, is closed and sealed. The roar of engines at former auto repair shops (which was repeatedly reported to journalists by the locals) at night are not heard. Insulation, is the uncertainty and anxious expectation.

Probably the worst conditions for the development of something as ambitious and multifaceted as the electric car with an artificial intelligence operating system based on iOS devices and very complex “iron” it is impossible even to imagine. It would be sheer madness. But “madness” and “Apple” were once closely related concepts. Then, unnecessary or out of fear to do something wrong, the madness was over. It seems to be. Only it’s Apple’s DNA, and when the situation becomes threatening, non-standard and unexpected action (giving off madness) can offer the company to reach competitive levels, or to destroy it.

However, the crazy Apple has some unusual. All of her madness (the most recent examples – the Apple Watch and AirPods) was carefully designed, calculated, rechecked the incredible number of times, and to put it mildly, incredibly successful.

What is known about the Apple Car

The existence of the project with code name “Titan” and his attitude to something that is called Apple Car, the Apple has never denied. From comments on this topic Apple has shirked and evaded, but the fact is not hidden. To deny would be silly. That on a similar project at Apple, there are (as of 2014), you can learn from quite open sources, for example, from the list of vacancies published on the Apple website, which lists requirements for candidates. The staff of the unit (according to various estimates, from 600 to 5 000 people) was caught trying to steal information, has resigned due to conflicts with the leadership or in the team – and not always kept my mouth shut.

The number of patent applications and patents on topics related to Autonomous vehicles, is enormous. Only published applications and patents – a few thousand. None of these documents reveals the essence of the project, all of them provided information about private decisions in many different areas. We are talking about software for the detection and identification of objects in the environment (e.g. pedestrians and cyclists), principles of user interface with smart electronics of unknown purpose in the car. And also about smart management technologies headlights, interior lighting, color and transparency of Windows, the system biometric authentication (like Touch ID). Smart seat the driver and passengers, automatically changing shape and providing comfort and safety, and much more. Apple Car yet, but about it’s components it would be possible to write books.

Patent application accepted for consideration, it cannot be reflected one or more inventions. To do this, someone at Apple needs thoroughly and seriously to address these issues in exchange for good money, using social package. Equipment and experimental manufacturing cost even more. Apple is not engaged in the development or production of components or software for other devices (rare exceptions to this rule only confirm it), the company is engaged in the ultimate product, combining deeply integrated blocks and subsystems. Some of which may be third party components, but the product itself is Apple controls completely.

The Apple Car project (Titan) is not an invention of journalists or readers in our Telegram chat, it exists. But what also must be mentioned the existence of the project for a few (6 at least) years does not guarantee anything, no matter how much in him was invested the effort and money. The Apple Car may never see the light.

Who makes the Apple car

About this person from 1999 to 2014, which was one of the top managers of Apple, is little known. In 1982, Robert Mansfield graduated from the University of Texas, he was a senior Director at SGI (Silicon Graphics) and Vice-President of engineering at Raycer Graphics company, acquired by Apple in 1999. Led the development of Mac ovskogo “iron”, he was the only senior Vice President in the company, not directly subordinate to the CEO (at the time Apple was led by Steve jobs), and chief Director of service operations (Tim cook).

In 2012, in connection with reaching retirement age, resigned, but was persuaded to stay with the company another six months to a year. Bob, it seems, left the company, but in fact he just switched to “illegal position”, leading one after another, some top secret projects. A TV from Apple (the project was canceled in 2015), the Apple Watch and, in 2016 – the Apple Car project.