We have long been accustomed to the fact that only Apple can create a new market niche. Tablets, smart watches, ultrabooks – all this and more became popular with the filing of Apple. The same iPad today is probably the only tablet on the market, whose sales surpass sales of all other models from other manufacturers, combined. But, despite the fact that a long time brand “tablets” Apple was the standard, which is focused on everyone else, lately in Cupertino somehow forgotten about his unique way and began to use ideas of competitors, or competitor, namely Microsoft. It’s a pity not all turned out.

Apple is how to insist on the fact that iPad Pro 2020 is a new word in the technology world, but for those who have some idea of how the market of computers and tablets, know that a new model the essence is the same as Microsoft Surface, which comes out in 2012. Of course, all went to the fact that Apple turned professional tablet some sort of – pardon the tautology — “desktop laptop”, but few people could come up with that Cupertino wants to make his Surface.

Why don’t you have to buy Smart Keyboard

It all started with the Smart Keyboard. Its release marked a new era in the development of the iPad Pro, identify professional tablets from the classic range and moving them to a new class of devices to work. I only wish the keyboard was designed badly and is not suitable for long print due to the rubber coating, which prevented the normal operation of each key. As a result, users often did not defraud the button and the character was not well visible.

Then there was mouse support. Despite the fact that users have long asked Apple about this as soon as the company complied with the request, for all became instantly clear that this is absolutely not what you need for the job. Still, the interface iPadOS was originally sharpened by touch control, and the mouse cursor – even if increased to the size of the fingertip – is somehow inappropriate.

This year, Apple decided to reset everything I did before and rethink the principle of working with the iPad Pro, is presenting a Magic keyboard. The company has considered the shortcomings of the previous model, making each key an independent element, but at the same time added the trackpad, making it clear that while working to control the tablet interface is better with it rather than mouse or touchscreen. The result is a Surface almost with the ability to adjust the angle of the tablet,touch control method and the same disadvantages of inability to use this bundle outside of the desktop.

Surface better than iPad Pro

Apple’s efforts to adapt the ideas underlying Surface, by itself, of course, were somewhere on the surface. But here’s the problem: the iPad Pro is the blood of the original line. The same operating system, which a year ago though and tried to pass off as new, has remained essentially the same iOS, stretched under the large screen, with a slightly improved mode of multitasking, did not allow the cupertinos to go the way of Microsoft. After all, anyway, but iPadOS to perform any significant acts still can, then as a full-fledged Windows 10 is undoubtedly the competitive advantage of Surface.

Not only that, Windows was originally designed for use with a mouse or touchpad, so it also supports a much wider range of programs than the iPadOS. Take the 1C or, say, FastStone Image. And that’s not to mention the games that are on macOS and iPadOS do not go at all, and the “Windows” fly only way to go. As a result, Surface and work, and to play well, and the iPad Pro, even if you buy him a keyboard for 30 thousand rubles, — hardly, after all, a professional camera does not a trackpad, and a software platform, which is the offspring of Microsoft looks clearly more interesting.