Traditionally, and in fact, according to the rules in minor versions of the crucial innovations is not the place. Go such version is easy and simple: after two or three beta releases, without GM-releases and no official videos about the most important changes to them. iPadOS iOS and 13.4 the exception to the rule. Five beta releases and the GM release, and a video presentation of a fundamentally new way to control the iPad OS, which was performed by a senior Vice President of Apple’s software, Craig Federighi, this is all very unusual.

In the history of iOS (when the system was still called iPhoneOS) there was a similar case. In 2008, iPhoneOS 2.1 was the first version of a new operating system that could be used for serious purposes. At that time there were no GM release and beta-releases were nothing at all – and no one was going to turn it into something special. Almost all of its functions and built-in apps first appeared in 2.0 and 2.1 only brought to mind and get rid of childhood diseases. And now – iOS 13.4. Dedicated to the presentation of the iPad Pro with 11 – and 12.9-inch screens with the “Magic keyboard with integrated trackpad”.

iOS/iPadOS 13 – the first heirs of the iPhoneOS, support the management user interface by using manipulators of type the mouse on the screens of iOS appeared first cursor, contrary to all the principles and rules of Apple and made it was awful, incomplete and contradictory. The mouse cursor and how they worked with the interface, criticized. Of criticism (mostly fair and on topic, I largely agree with) was that this horror is for all that Apple, because of some schizophrenic speculative motives, and never for that can not, or will not, move to iOS/iPadOS proven time management principles with the cursor.

The new office of iPad

By Apple, that showed in the video, Craig Federighi, was the presentation of the new keyboard unveiled with the new iPad Pro as their integral part, despite the fact that in the set of delivery it is not included, sold separately – for “mere pennies”, this is the most expensive tablet keyboard with integrated trackpad in the world. He really showed this keyboard since the beginning of the movie to its end, but shows them, in fact, was the first ever public demonstration of the unique, nowhere and never is still not used, the graphical user interface Manager classic trio “window-cursor-mouse”.

This trio, under the applause and joyful shouts from the field, declared a relic of the past and buried ten years ago. How this trio worked in 2010 to control the tablet did not fit. Companies are less demanding of themselves and what they do, proved it repeatedly, and repeat their mistakes would be stupid.

In the presentation of radically updated classic trio “window-cursor-the mouse” the mouse performed is integrated into the keyboard, trackpad, but the essence remains the same. The same thing almost also, will be available not only trekpadom, but ordinary mice. As the iPadOS interfaces and applications developed for the touch-interface, and taking into account its features, the shape of the cursor “by default”, for cases when it is out of any context with special requirements – terms. Smaller than the circle used to iOS/iPadOS 13.4 for any and all needs.

Reduced round similar to “the stain of contact of a finger with the interface”that is no coincidence. Getting in the zone “special context”, for example on the control or in the text, the cursor changes its shape to that which is optimal for this context. Controls of type “button” or “radio-switch” stand out, just “click”. Other controls (sliders, for example) during the presentation are not shown, but all controls can invent their own versions of the handles to their meaning and principles of management was obvious and clear. In the text which can be edited, or at least choose to slice it, the cursor turns into the appropriate in such cases, the “text cursor”.

Shows the “unique interface” is so simple, obvious, and logical that do not even think about the meaning of this invention. This is obviously great, iPad (with its native control methods) remains the same as before, it can be used without any additional tools (no Apple Pencil, even a mouse or trackpad – more control, in some cases it is more convenient and appropriate), according to Apple this is an important feature of this tablet. This is the first version of the paradigm of “window-cursor-mouse” for tablets, which can and pleasure to use.

Keyboard for iPad Pro

Keyboard with trackpad (by the way, with the mechanism of the “scissors” of the keys 1 mm) could be estimated and more expensive, it would buy. To want to try or even see her enough. However, $ 299 for the 11-inch variant and 349 for the 12.9-inch – bust. In keyboard with trackpad three element design, third everyone’s eyes but his seemed not to notice – stand for your tablet with a variable-angle design that feels part of the developers stand for Apple Pro Display XDR, most expensive computer accessory in the world.