When a service with movies and TV series Apple TV+ was launched, one of its advantages was the high quality of the pictures – in particular, 4K HDR, which allows you to see even the smallest details. Now, when many are in isolation, these services became even more popular. Last weekend I decided again to look at something in the Apple TV+, the more it just came out the new film “the Banker”, which starred Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie. However, was surprised to find that you will not be able to enjoy the movie in high quality.

Why fell the video quality

It turned out that Apple has lowered the quality of the transmitted image in the Apple TV+ users across Europe, and perhaps soon it will affect the U.S. and other countries. The fact is that officials from Europe gave an indication of streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV to reduce the bandwidth used by their servers to reduce the load on the Network. Views content in these services has significantly increased in recent weeks after the who announcement of the pandemic coronavirus. Of course, when people are in isolation, they typically watch television more often than usual.

Currently users may experience a significant reduction in picture quality in movies and TV shows in Apple TV+. 9to5Mac has suggested that Apple seems to have restricted the resolution of the video stream vertically in 670 pixels.

In addition to the lower resolution of the image seems heavily compressed with a clear “block” artifacts.

I have noticed a strong decline in the quality (if you are too, tell us in our Telegram chat), especially for TVs with a diagonal of more than 40 inches (I have 50 4K), that most of the people today look in the living room or bedroom. Low quality is significantly different from the detailed 4K HDR content, which is commonly used in Apple TV +.

When Apple TV+ returns high quality

About the decline of quality in movies and serials also misleading users of such services as Netflix and Amazon Prime, but Apple limit streaming looks particularly aggressive. Amazon Prime and Netflix, it seems, continues to provide high-definition video (even Full HD), while the picture is in the Apple TV+ similar to what you usually see watching videos on a slow mobile Internet on 3G.

Perhaps Apple will improve the quality in the coming days and weeks, since providers of broadband access to the Internet will adapt to new user trends. Guide Netflix, told BBC News that plans to limit the quality to only 30 days:

Given the extraordinary problems associated with the coronavirus, Netflix decided to start to reduce the video quality in Europe within 30 days, the company said.

Obviously, you can a little patience and watch the video in 4K because the decline in quality in streaming services is nothing compared to the fact that right now we have to endure people in Italy, Spain and other countries where the coronavirus is spreading at an incredible speed.

Subscription services will not be cheaper

However, and the services could go to its users for a meeting. Some Netflix customers have complained that they pay for the tariff which includes support for 4K HQ, but they are unable to use it. Users call for Netflix to temporarily reduce prices, while the service will not start again to stream full quality. Apple is not concerned, because Apple TV + offers several tariff plans and therefore no additional charge for access to content in 4K.

What will become of Apple TV+

Apple strongly ventured when entered the market of movies and TV shows, and now, when the company restricts the quality of content, it may only make matters worse Apple TV+.

The company also has frozen not only the shooting of the TV seriesthat was supposed to come out in the distant future, but stopped post-production those earlier paintings, renewed for a second season. In particular, we are talking about the “Morning show”, “See”, “For all mankind” and “House servants”. The series is pretty good stopped users, who are now waiting for Apple TV+ continue, but now apparently will have to wait even longer.