People’s iPhone, which from time immemorial spoke and wrote very different, this spring was supposed to be the main event. People’s it for a simple reason: Apple about it, never even hinted. When the media discussed iPhone SE 2, where the results of the popular vote, it was renamed in iPhone 9, when invented and approved specifications (we know more than about some of the products sold to Apple), it was folk art. Sources sometimes referred to the intercepted space workflow between Taiwanese companies and factories in China owned by them, sometimes you just reported. But on March 18, among the novelties he was not.

The only evidence of its existence – the mention of two models of iPhone 9 resources produced electronic editions MacRumors and 9to5Mac copies iOS14. But how exactly looks this reference in plist files, the public did not. And in addition, referred to in the bowels of the betas of previous systems mysterious device like Apple TV, easily and without any comments from the Apple disappeared. With their prototypes, apparently, worked – but not allabout work in the Apple, was published.

And we are already so accustomed to this “fact”: that in March or April, Apple will present the iPhone 9. In late January, news of this has reached a new level: according to another source, in February the factories in China had to begin mass production of the iPhone 9. Not confirmed. In late February it was reported that iPhone and 9, another modification of the “undergoing final testing”. On 22 March it became known that the mass production of the iPhone 9 started, March 19. Two of his models.

Unlike the iPhone 9 iPhone 9 Plus

I don’t know if it’s true. Models two: this iPhone 9 (diagonal LCD-screen in 4.7 inch) and iPhone 9 Plus (with a diagonal of 5.5 inches). Externally, they are almost one to one similar to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, just a little thicker (0.5 mm) longer and wider (0.1 mm). And instead of the system-on-chip Apple A11 Bionic to “the nines” will set Apple A13. The crystal used in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max 11.

Configurations of the 4.7 – and 5.5-inch “nines” promise, too, two: 64 and 128 GB. 4.7-inch iPhone 9 the volume of flash memory will cost 399 and $ 449. Prices for the 5.5-inch iPhone 9 Plus is still unknown. 3 gigabytes of RAM LPDDR4X. Support 5G will not be sure whether the iPhone 9/9+ supported Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) – 50 to 50.

Physical Home button with integrated Touch ID the new generation. The frame around the screen. For those who don't want to part with the iPhone 8/8+, but prefers to keep up with the times.

Camera with a single sensor on the back side – and, almost certainly, UWB Apple chip U1.

The emergence of “nines” in the sale, because of their relatively low price, it would be in our days by the way as never before. Would create even if they Apple is not thought of. And published a couple of months ago about the fact that iOS 14 will support all models of iPhone and iPod touch supporting iOS 13, iOS 14 anything from iOS 13 will not differ, was not the official statement of Apple.

This was based on some information from Apple suggested, but now the situation has changed. And it may well happen that the next version of iOS is either not compatible with iPhone SE the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, or these devices will not be available any incredibly attractive, according to Apple, function. Among other things, Apple need to compensate the loss of the coronavirus. According to the most accurate Apple data yet, but this February the volume of sales of smartphones in the world decreased by 38% compared with February last year. In February 2020 were sold to 61.8 million units, a year ago – 99,2 million. March will not be better.

The new Apple March 2020

And how people reacted to the new March 18? Just make a reservation: readers of 9to5Mac, for the most part, belong to Apple and its products more positively. However, despite the sympathy for Apple technology, the specific Apple products, they are critical. Without fanaticism. To the question “do you Plan to buy Apple’s new products, presented on 18 March?” respondents replied:

  • Buy iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard: 30,17% (4 005 votes);
  • Do not buy any of the new products: 23,35% (3 099 votes);
  • Buy Magic Keyboard Pro for iPad previous generation: 23,26% (3 087 votes);
  • Buy MacBook Air: 10,77% (1 429 votes);
  • Buy iPad Pro: of 9.08% (1 205 votes);
  • Other: 2,27% (301 votes);
  • Buy a Mac mini: 1,1% (147 votes).