Last week Apple introduced the new MacBook Air. More precisely, how was – just updated the page in its online store. Funny video with Craig Federighi, too, was not, as in the case of the same iPad Pro. But it is not important, because the new MacBook Air is distinguished not only improve performance, but also a redesigned keyboard with a new scissor mechanism, she’s Magic Keyboard. Now that the MacBook Air and a 16-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with new keyboard, there is one who stands out from the lineup: 13-inch MacBook Pro. So is it worth it now to buy?

When will update the MacBook Pro 13?

At this point, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is the only Apple laptop that is still sold with a keyboard of the type “butterfly”. 15-inch MacBook Pro has actually been updated in November and turned into a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the new Magic keyboard. 12-inch MacBook in General was discontinued last year.

Insiders say that Apple is at a rapid pace prepares the update of the MacBook, and that in the first half of this year, we should expect the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard. Now the company works remotely with Chinese suppliers, but the Department, which is responsible for the development of new devices, goes to work as before.

According to rumors, Apple is going to do with 13-inch MacBook Pro the same as with the 15-inch version. That is, increase its screen is one inch. To represent it, slightly reduce the size of the bezel and increase the screen size by an inch, turning it into a 14-inch MacBook Pro. It is expected that the 14-inch MacBook Pro will be equipped with mini-LED display, but it is unlikely Apple will develop this technology for implementation before the end of the year.

Keyboard problems “butterfly”

Apple introduced the first version of “keyboard-butterfly” in 2015, releasing 12-inch MacBook. In 2016, despite the early complaints about the reliability of this keyboard, Apple also added it to the MacBook Pro lineup.

But in Cupertino have decided not to stop. And stepped on the same rake in 2018, releasing a new version of the keyboard for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple said that the keyboard-butterfly 2018, technically the third, will be quieter thanks to the new “thin silicone barrier” under each key.

However, the membrane did not solve all the problems and users continued to complain about the reliability and the inconvenience of typing. I think that was it? No. In 2019, Apple has again updated the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the new version “keyboard-butterfly”. This design is the fourth generation of its new membranes and switches for improved reliability and quieter printing.

In fairness, I note that each time after the release of laptop with such keyboard Apple offered (and still offer) free repair under the program Keyboard Service. In fact, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, released in July 2019, have been added to the program Keyboard Service automatically on the same day when they learned the world.

But finally, in November of last year, Apple did what at some point seemed impossible: she returned to the keyboard with the scissor switch, like in 2015. A new Magic Keyboard, is known as more reliable and quiet, debuted for the first time in 16-inch MacBook Pro and that was in the MacBook Air.

Update laptops Apple in 2020

I tried to make a small plan for updating the Apple laptops this year.

  • Until July: 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard.
  • Later this year: upgrade the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which increases the screen size to 14 inches, with mini-LED

So whatever happens, my advice remains the same: don’t buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro in its current version. I am sure that soon there will be an updated model, which at least will fix catastrophic “keyboard tie”, and may have other improvements.

Is it worth buying a MacBook Air instead of MacBook Pro?

Now that the MacBook Air is equipped with a more reliable keyboard Magic Keyboard is the most inexpensive and simple laptop that can be recommended. For people who are basically going to do the job with text, browse web pages, check e-mail or other similar tasks, this is more than enough.

In addition, the new MacBook Air was cheaper than the previous generation. For Apple this is a notable achievement, and, most likely, the price will make the new MacBook Air is a pretty popular choice.

But if the MacBook Air is good enough for you and you can’t wait for the 13/14-inch MacBook Pro, then the only option is a 16 — inch MacBook Pro. It is, of course, more expensive, but has amazing performance and a great screen, not to mention the Magic Keyboard.