Typically, Apple has no equal in speed to repair bugs and vulnerabilities in its flagship devices. If competitors usually takes weeks even to eliminate minor defects, in Cupertino are trying to act as much as possible in a timely manner. However, there are cases, when Apple allowed myself not to believe in the existence of a failure and didn’t fix it for months. This was a bug that appeared in iOS when the distribution of Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that it existed since last year, the company is quite negligent attitude to the complaints of users and was in no hurry to fix it. At least, up to this point.

The problem with the personal access point in question, appeared in iOS 13.1.2. But because different users it manifested itself in different ways, for a long time Apple developers couldn’t figure out the origin of defects or to find a way to fix it. After all, it is quite difficult to work in conditions, when some say that the distribution of Wi-Fi does not work at all, others complain of constant interruptions of the connection, and still others claim that some devices do not see the access point in principle. Sometimes these failures can be interspersed with each other and manifest from the same user at a time.

Not working hotspot Wi-Fi on iOS 13

I have the iPhone 8 Plus and I have long been plagued by persistent problems in the operation of a wireless access point that is either not detected by the other devices at all, or turns off suddenly, even if I manage to connect to it. Usually disconnection occurs about 20 minutes after installing it. However, my wife has it worse – her access point in principle does not appear in 9 of 10 cases. That is, the device, whatever they were, just can’t see the hotspot and can’t connect to it, writes one user.

A cursory analysis of the situation showed that the disruption of personal access points are quite common. Face it, users from around the world and regardless of the model iPhone or iPad they use. On the other hand, it is clear that the problem affects users somehow selectively as there are quite a lot of those with this flaw is not only experienced myself, but have not even heard of its existence. All of this suggests certain ideas.

Need to repair wifi on iPhone

For example, about the nature of the incident hardware failure, which failed to open due to the iOS update 13.1.2. Apparently, Apple itself it so, and believed, and therefore subjected to the diagnosis of some affected devices. This was not reported officially, but somewhere in Cupertino learned that it’s definitely not a hardware issue, as notified by the authorised service centres. They were forbidden to take on the repair of your device with similar shortcomings under the pretext that the update with the fix is on the way, and its installation will solve the problem.

However, while the update did not work, offer you a workaround.

  • Launch the Settings app, open the settings section of the wireless access point;
  • From here, go to the tab with the password settings of your hotspot;
  • Not changing the password, click on the “finish” button in the upper right corner, or the blue Done key on the keyboard;
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure several times the access point will be visible to all your devices.