Want to transfer photos that are stored on your computer with Windows on your iPhone or iPad? Many of us make pictures with your professional camera and store them on computer for subsequent processing, but if you want to access them on your mobile device, you must first transfer them to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. Yes, someone will say now “Apple has stopped support for iTunes!”, however, Windows is still an effective way to move photos.

In early versions of macOS and Windows application iTunes is used to sync content with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via a wired or wireless connection. Even before you activate the device without iTunes, it was impossible, now everything is much simpler. In macOS Catalina iTunes switched to the Finder, on Windows many people still use it to transfer content on iPhone and iPad.

It should be noted that we will focus on moving photos from computer to iOS, and not Vice versa. Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows is now possible without iTunes, there is a built-in operating system tools for importing images.

How to transfer photos from Windows to iPhone or iPad

If you have not synchronized your device with iTunes, you will not be able to use the wireless sync using Wi-Fi to iTunes, and you need to connect your iPhone cable. First of all, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer to proceed with this operation.

    • Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Windows computer using the original USB cable to Lightning (or USB-C USB) and open the app “iTunes” on your computer.
    • Click on the iPhone icon or iPad, which is right next to the Music tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Go to the devices page in iTunes

    • Now, navigate to “Photos” under “Settings” in the left pane and select the check box next item with “Sync”.

You need to enable photo syncing

    • Here you will notice that iTunes shows a folder where it copies pictures. If your photos are not stored in this location, just click on the name of the folder — then “Choose folder”. This will open Windows Explorer.

Select the folder where you stored your photos

  • Select the location where you stored the pictures you want to transfer and click “Choose folder”. Now just click “Sync” in iTunes.
  • Then iTunes will start the sync process will start and backup data on your iPhone. Depending on the number of photos and memory, synchronization can take several minutes.

Now, if you go into the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, you can access all the photos you selected for synchronization on your computer.

However, connecting iPhone or iPad to the computer through the wire is gradually disappearing. If you don’t want to rely on the USB cable-Lightning to transfer content, you can enable sync over wifi in iTunes for wireless data transmission. However, for this to work, your PC and iPhone / iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.