We all know one of the key features of iOS is the inability an easy way to make some songs downloaded to your device ringtone to replace the squalid sounds pre-installed on our iPhone. While owners of Android without tension change with many ringtones on their smartphones, owners of Apple handsets are content with the proverbial “Assuming” and other classic and not the sounds from cupertinos developers. IPhone owners immediately easy to calculate on these mellifluous melodies.

It has even become sort of a cult a symptom of owning an iPhone. The owner just does not fundamentally change the default ringtone. Once something similar happened with a very famous melody from Nokia.

Where to get free ringtones for iPhone

But really the problem lies in the fact that Apple itself offers essentially only one way to replace the standard sounds — is to buy the latest branded iTunes store. The price of most of the ringtones in the Russian store 22 R, and Ukrainian 7 $ that is quite expensive for a track in the AAC format with a length of 30 s.

Of course, there are other, more intricate, but the free ways app iTunes on Windows and Mac, and GarageBand on the iPhone. Common fault in them one — at the output we get the ringtone is no longer than 40 s using iTunes and not over 30 with using GarageBand. I also had to find a way to eliminate this disadvantage and to make the melody a little more than a minute and this method was found.

How to make ringtone for your iPhone longer than 40 seconds

We will need a Windows computer and installed iTunes or Mac Music app on macOS Catalina or iTunes for previous versions of Apple’s operating system and iTools software for the appropriate platform.

Install iTools for Windows

I will give your instructions on Windows, but on Mac everything is done by analogy, because the interfaces of the respective applications and similar items, we need a menu almost identical.

Add the desired songs to your iTunes library. This can be done through the File menu. If the application settings have not been changed, by default there are already included adding a track to the library during playback in the player.

The original track must be downloaded from any resource in the Internet (luckily there are a lot) in mp3 format, or obtained by digitizing an audio compact disk (if someone else has). You can use a purchased song from the iTunes Store. No tracks from music streaming services like Apple Music not suitable, as they have DRM protection against copying and illegal use.

First you need to make the blank under the default ringtone is no longer than 40 s. To do this, click on a composition with the right mouse button, select “song Information” and open the “Settings” tab. Here you need to set the desired beginning and end of the fragment to the future ringtone length have to be 40 and click OK

Now convert our billet in the AAC format. Choose “File” to “Konvertovat”-“Create AAC version”.

The resulting file you need to change the extension from m4a, to m4r. To do this, click on our songs in the AAC format in iTunes, right-click and choose “Show in Explorer” for Windows. On a Mac it will be “Show in Finder”. Window opens the appropriate file Manager with the selected file of the future ringtone. If the file extension in Windows is not displayed, it must first be enabled in settings Explorer.

  1. Connect your iPhone to PC and open iTunes. If the left side of the window under “On device” displays “the Sound” click on the labels to the right side of the window is shown already installed on the gadget ringtones. Drag from Explorer a file with the extension m4r to this section.
  2. If the left side of the iTunes window under “device” there is no inscription, the Sounds, just drag from Explorer a file with the m4r extension to the section “device”.
  3. Make billet of the track to the desired length by repeating steps 2,3 and 4. You can even specify the start and end of the song is playing, and choose all if you wish.
  4. Now open the program iTools. In the left part of the window below, select the Explorer to display the file system of the connected iPhone.

In the folder tree of the file system go on the road iTunes_Control/Ringtones. In the right part of the Window you can see our original ringtone length up to 40 with the name of 4 uppercase English letters. Pull this file from here to your desktop. And if he just copied and not moved, then delete the original in the window of iTools.