The first iPad Pro 2020 delivered to customers. Volume shipments have begun, as promised, on March 25. In spite of everything. Amid gloomy expectations and growing chaos good news is especially important. Skeptics he retreated to prepared positions: the time to start selling the new iPad Pro is not the best, nobody needs it, and upgrade so-so, not impressive. LiDAR – zavlekalochka for idiots, improved cameras – the last thing that should change in large tablets, and Apple waiting for a big disappointment: it will all be sold bad. From past experience: such predictions usually come true “in reverse.” It seems to be working now, the demand for iPad Pro (and MacBook Air) is higher than expected.

What’s new in iPad Pro

Pro iPad Pro 2020 much has been written, he devoted hundreds of videos, all of his plastic bone reworked to the ground – but if you think about it, we still almost know nothing about him. Until March 25, I wrote about it lucky that the iPad Pro has granted Apple a temporary use on the terms on which it is easy to guess.

As a minimum, the iPad Pro needs to be returned in one piece. And the temptation to try the new “tooth” no one had any, gave not something a 12.9-inch iPad Pro “WiFi+Cellular”, with a terabyte of flash memory. Over 146 thousand rubles. And all the joy over the incredible (improved performance) explained by the same. Performance and Central neural processor in the Apple A12Z even according to official figures the same as the Apple A12X. And the GPU in A12Z “2.6 times more productive than the GPU in the Apple A10X”. It’s not Apple A12X changed the name of the letter, according to critics (who, as we are, yet nothing about A12Z don’t know), but about what they differ from one another we may never know.

The iPad Pro 2020

None of the temporary owners of the iPad Pro did not say a word about how to get rid of iPad Pro 2020 from perhaps the most serious problem the iPad Pro 2018: low hull strength. Her wits were called the iPad Pro 2018 “inflexible”. His body, putting a not too big effort, it was possible to break in half. Hands. Sometimes the tablets were delivered to customers in bent form. Because of low strength, with the iPad Pro had to deal with tedious caution.

This is not an idle question. But who gave the Apple iPad Pro on trial with a mysterious unanimity, bypassed this issue by silence. Understand: to break provided for expensive iPad Pro would be even madness – rudeness, under normal (careful) use of iPad Pro 2018 also does not cause special problems, and here it is, the main argument is that this problem has not prevented the iPad Pro to become incredibly popular. Any low strength, neither the high price nor the first no, and then close to no support manipulators of type the mouse, it can not hurt. In addition, Apple definitely would have mentioned how to resolve this problem in a press release about a new iPad Pro, there was not to boast too much.

However, while no one will check the new iPad Pro on the strength of the ending for this a couple of other expensive devices, and will not publish accurate data, there is still hope. Maybe a sacrificial iPad Pro (two 11-inch and two 12.9-inch) have already fixed in the torture machine. Or they are about to deliver. The supply of iPad Pro has just begun.

Reviews iPad Pro 2020

He, at least, no worse than iPad Pro 2018. It’s incredibly fast, trackpads now support “real” – but it’s more about iPadOS than about the iPad Pro. Spring iPad Pro 2020 with a diagonal of 12.9 inches and 11 became the fourth and fifth made by Apple with system-on-chip Apple U1, intended for ultra-wideband communication system and detection (UWB). The first was the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max 11.

But while this chip does in real life, and do not show, until Apple announce AirTag. Which was supposed to come out in September, then in January and February, then in March-April, now waiting for him in June. In related Apple U1 is almost never mentioned. But LiDAR mention. In addition to the new system-on-chip and two-touch back camera is the only real innovation in the iPad Pro 2020. LiDAR is about the same as the radar, only using radio waves instead of light. Short laser pulses, the invisible and seemingly harmless to the eye, with incredible accuracy determining the distance to objects.

Those with whom Apple has shared new iPad Pro, of course, full of enthusiasm. Those who paid attention, write about the absolute futility of this technology that is an innovation for innovations, like augmented reality (AR) that LiDAR should improve. No practical benefit either from AR or from LiDAR. Only dozens of challenging impressive videos.

Why do we need LiDAR in iPad Pro

In fact, with the introduction of AR a lot of difficulties, but the application successfully and with great benefit using AR (for example, “furniture” IKEA app, or Measure, from Apple and others), there are, but really less than it could be. Actually, iPad Pro for LiDAR testing area. 12 iPhone and 12.9 inch iPad Pro with miniLED display, expected this fall (or later) too. LiDAR is one of the main technologies of Apple’s “smart glasses”, which is scheduled for 2022. In the iPad Pro and iPhone 12, this technology must prove its usefulness and to “grow up”.