This month, Apple has updated line of iPad Pro. At a time when there was no hope that the company decides to hold a presentation of new devices, they just appeared on the Apple website and then the relevant press releases. The new iPad Pro can not be called affordable tablet, some configuration at the price of facing more top-end 2020 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar. In light of this, make the buying decision becomes even more difficult. Looking ahead to say that most iPad Pro 2020, most likely, not needed.

Compare iPad Pro and iPad Pro 2020 2018

If you look from the side, the new better than its predecessor? Externally — the only new wide angle camera and a LiDAR scanner in the neighborhood, which is mostly useful when using augmented reality. Long do you run AR applications on your iPhone or tablet? I think since Pokemon GO a forgot about this functionality.

Yes, the RAM iPad Pro 2020 increased to 6 GB. In the previous generation of the same amount had only the older version with 1TB of permanent storage, and now this advantage is all models without exception. Base memory increased to 128 GB, but the younger version by 11 inches reduced the battery from 29.37 W*h to of 28.65 W*h, whereas the older – the value remains the same.

Prices iPad Pro 2020

With all of this new iPad Pro were more expensive. Yes, the difference is not too big, but for many can be decisive for the purchase.

iPad Pro 11” Wi-Fi

  • Version 64/128 GB: was – 67 108 rubles, was – 69 990 rubles;
  • Version 256 GB: was – 79 312 rubles, was – 78 990 rubles;
  • Version 512 GB: it – 95 538 rubles, was – 96 990 rubles;
  • Version for 1 TB: was 111 854 ruble became – 114 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 12.9” Wi-Fi

  • Version 64/128 GB: was – 83 380 rubles, was – 86 990 rubles;
  • Version 256 GB: it – 95 583, was – 95 990 rubles;
  • Version 512 GB: it – 111 854 ruble became – 113 990 rubles;
  • Version for 1 TB: was 128 125 rubles, was 131 990 rubles.

What iPad more powerful

But the main innovation is the chip A12Z Bionic. Whether updated features affect the performance of the new iPad Pro? A Reddit user already got my tablet and ran the benchmark Geekbench. The results came out the following:

  • Single core mode: 1114 points (versus 1111 from 2018 iPad Pro)
  • Multi-core mode: 4654 (from 4604 vs 2018 iPad Pro)
  • Graphic test (Metal): 9894 (vs 9146 from 2018 iPad Pro)

This is an interesting test results that do not show much difference between the CPU A12X Bionic iPad Pro 2018 and a processor A12Z Bionic iPad Pro 2020. However, the tests don’t always indicate real world performance. Can also be a problem with the optimizations to Geekbench the new iPad Pro and iPadOS 13.4. To draw final conclusions too early, however, these results are not just “score” and not pay attention to them.

What iPad to buy in 2020

Based on the comparison of characteristics and benchmarks, we can conclude that the owners of iPad Pro 2018 while there is no reason to change their tablets for a new generation. Much easier to buy a new Magic keyboard over 30 thousand rubles (a bit much, but if you really want to turn your iPad into a computer, you need to pay). In this case, you are in fact themselves will make the iPad Pro 2020, just without the advanced camera and scanner and augmented reality. But with lower cost.

As owners of the generation iPad, they need to look at their needs. In the current economic situation it is unlikely that many will want to fork over 60-100 thousand rubles, buying the new iPad, they better buy a ton of Greci something more useful. Yes, we should not discount the iPad Air, but as for me, in this case it is better to pay extra and get an 11-inch iPad Pro.