Anti-glare MacBook Air with Retina display may spontaneously peel off on some laptops. This is stated in the document that Apple sent out to authorized service centers worldwide. We specifically don’t call it a guide to action because it only contains the summative information without recommendations replacement displays or laptops whole. So it seems like Apple itself does not know whether to run the program of a free of charge repair. Especially that a large part of the Apple Store and the workshops is now closed because of the threat of coronavirus.

In fact, the document that Apple has sent out the service centers, is an updated version of the previous act. But if earlier it included only the mention of MacBook and MacBook Pro 12”, it now includes information about MacBook Air Retina. It’s fairly strange that all the other laptops fall under the replacement program displays, while the “air” laptop is somehow left aside. However, there is a high probability that this is just a temporary pause, which the company takes necessity, because, firstly, change the faulty displays are now nowhere, and, secondly, is simply not what.

What MacBook peel off the anti-glare layer

  • MacBook Pro 13” (V. 2015);
  • MacBook Pro 15” (V. 2015);
  • MacBook Pro 13” (V. 2016);
  • MacBook Pro 15” (2016 V.);
  • MacBook Pro 13” (2017 V.);
  • MacBook Pro 15” (2017 V.);
  • MacBook 12” (V. 2015);
  • MacBook 12” (2016 V.);
  • MacBook 12” (2017 V.).

As you can see the list of laptops affected by the problem of delamination of the coating, was quite extensive. Therefore, the appearance of a MacBook Air with Retina display was only a matter of time, given that it was developed, probably in 2016-2017, when solving this problem with Apple was not. Therefore, we should not be surprised that he too was affected. Another thing is that until now there were massive complaints from the user for peeling the coating and, therefore, it is possible that this flaw has only a dot character.

Peeling off the screen of the MacBook. What to do

In any case, analysis of the problem showed that those that are affected by the problem of peeling the anti-glare layer, not so much. Personally, I managed to find only two claims left at different times by users with different nicknames. However, I can’t be sure that this is not one and the same person therefore to consider the problem of mass, as in the case of MacBook Pro and MacBook 12”, is totally inappropriate. But it’s good that Apple knows about it, and certainly qualifies as something to solve it.