Apple unfroze project AirPower and resumed working on it after less than a year after the official cancellation. This was reported by blogger John Prosser, who in the past have shared reliable information on future products of the company. According to him, there is no evidence that the company will ever release an updated revision of its wireless charging station, however, prototyping is in full swing. Apparently, in Cupertino are actively preparing for the “wireless future”, but without proper charging, able to charge devices without wires, go to a new stage of development will be very difficult.

Despite the fact that the purpose and functional capabilities of the new charging stations will be similar to the original version, which Apple announced in 2017, Prosser says that the development of new products is virtually zero. Of course, some skills acquired by engineers in the design of previous AirPower will be used in the new model, but its design the device will be radically different, said the insider. In Cupertino decided to completely rework the internal layout of the station, and changing the number of coils and their dimensions, and location, to achieve a more efficient operation without overheating.

Why AirPower

While the process of creating new AirPower is at an early stage. This, according to Prosser, this indicates that Apple has not yet managed to get the station to charge the Apple Watch. Compatibility issues related to the fact that branded smart watch Apple is equipped with a compact module Qi that is not connected with a larger, set in a traditional charging station, so to recharge the Apple Watch energy will not be suitable for any memory. However, the prototype of the original AirPower to charge the watch still had. At least in theory, since the prepared specimen, which the company showed at the September presentation 2017 Apple Watch is still not charging.

It is unknown when Apple plans to release a new AirPower, but everything points to the fact that the company wants to catch up to 2021, because that’s when, apparently, the iPhone will come without connectors. In Cupertino are preparing to transition into the wireless era for a long time. Even if not to take into account the rumors that may be false, there is some compelling evidence that Apple really is trying to abandon wires. The first step in this direction was the refusal of the mini Jack, the second is the emergence of wireless charging in the AirPods, and the third is the introduction of restore iOS without iTunes.

iPhone without connectors

The only thing holding back Apple from failure of the connections in the iPhone is the lack of proprietary wireless charging. It will not do to deprive the smartphone of all external interfaces, relying on third-party manufacturers. Despite the fact that many of them produce a fairly attractive solutions for wireless charging, Apple may not interfere in their production process, to track components used in them, and also to control advertising policy, indicating to producers that it is possible to say, and what not. Therefore, companies need their own charger that will not only work the way Apple wants, but to stand out from everything else on the market – at least the presence of animation when pairing.