First on the development of a new model of Apple AirPods reported online resource DigiTimes, which is not too good history of successful predictions. According to this model will be called AirPods Pro Lite, which puts on the news, the cross, nevertheless, many media took part in its distribution, citing a source and not forgetting to warn the readers about its unreliability. Because the hearing was something of a side dish to the main news, which DigiTimes has reported almost between the lines.

The main thing will discuss later, it is encouraging and seems to be true, and what happened after this publication, can be considered an argument in favor of its reliability. If Foxconn and other Taiwanese companies that manufacture almost all the electronics in the world, did not take measures to minimize the disastrous effects of the outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia and the prevention of damage from such situations in the future, it would be much more implausible. And that Apple is developing a new model or model AirPods, is not surprising. In this direction Apple the success that you need to develop. The fact that the new wireless headphones can not be called AirPods Pro Lite apparently. First, this name would conflict with the style of Apple. The device simply can not be both Pro and Lite. It would be something like “more is less”. Second, AirPods and AirPods Pro are two different line of wireless headphones, and among Pro may not be cheap models with a reduced set of functions and degraded. Thirdly, the results of market research, cheap AirPods there is no particular need – the demand for expensive models exceeds supply, but this is the most controversial of the objections to cheap AirPods: for their birth, there is an unusual reason that is associated with the “main news”.

Apple will move manufacturing from China

The fact that the outbreak of coronavirus infection in one country, even very large, able to paralyze some sectors of the global industry is not good. Something needs to change urgently. And even clear what, and efforts in this direction have been underway for years – but as it turned out, not very effective. “Crisis is the best time to change something”, as once said Steve jobs, saying before this is not the most pleasant for Apple Computer news – and announced radical changes in the policy of the company. Now radical changes are needed to the global economy, and the crisis becomes a catalyst. Directly from an outbreak of pneumonia affected all, but in mainland China the damage will be much greater. Because of the diversification measures (it is actually about creating a system ofproduction chains to bypass the people’s Republic of China), mainland China will suffer more than from a trade war with the United States.

The main news reported by DigiTimes “between the lines” – because of the virus that at the end of 2019 was considered absolutely impossible, began to turn. These are the most under-AirPods will be carried out to bypass affected with pneumonia mainland China. It is not another model AirPods, and a public beta testing workarounds. To start with full-scale production of smartphones, laptops or tablets would be silly. AirPods, despite their apparent simplicity and sort of a primitive device is very non-trivial in their production involves dozens of suppliers, requirements that are hard to imagine. And AirPods for testing and debugging production – the most it.

Cheap but high-quality imitation AirPods are very popular,the genuine products are sold better. Quality cheap imitation from Apple would be a success. But triumphant that “for some month and a half managed to do what couldn’t do for a year or two” – is premature. It is not known how far they (Apple, Foxconn and unknown plants elsewhere, like in Taiwan) we went, and even if they went somewhere. The story of under-AirPods may well be a provocation. Even if everything written DigiTimes truth (except, of course, the name), and no one is provoked, the provocation failed.

Apple will release the AirPods Pro Lite?

The virus so far, so good. The number of people infected has exceeded 45 thousand killed already more than 1 100 people, two of them are outside of China. Quarantine is becoming more and more strict, hopes to open at least part of the plants February 10, did not materialize. Too dangerous. The risk is too great. But, after the publication in DigiTimes and its reflection in the most widely read electronic media the “ice was broken”. Following the draconian security measures almost in chemical protection suits of the highest class, all the new plants are involved in a battle over the “iPhone 9” and 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air keyboards behalf of the secret of Waititi, and crystal balls Taiwanese analysts already had predicted that the Assembly “iPhone 2 SE” (Apple, about this smartphone hasn failed to report in, and as it will be called we do not know, and whether it will do – also), as with the manufacture of all components for it, the Chinese economy will cope. With iPhone 12 there may be some problems, but with “iPhone 2 SE” all will be well. The success of “AirPods Pro Lite” and had monetary value.

On the NASDAQ on 12 February 2020, the rate of Apple stock “soared” to 327,22 dollar, close to a “historical maximum” (327,85 dollar), but before reaching it, the exchange rate at the time the auction was 327,20 dollar. The company’s market capitalization over this increased by $ 18 billion (to 1.43 trillion), and the capitalization of Microsoft declined to 1.40 trillion dollars – in the end, Apple is again the richest IT company in the world. Just the day before, the morning of February 11, Vela Microsoft with a score of 1.44:1,41 in her favor.