Electromagnetic radiation, which is so feared by the users of cell phones from the beginning of zero years, carefully hiding them in the purse on her belt, today, are not afraid of almost anyone. No, of course, there are still those who fear for their health, but there are today still a minority, and fear of anything specific not supported, with the exception that the individual opinions of doctors. For this reason, when a progress report about the dangers of radiation provoked by the iPhone, this is usually perceived by most as not too skillful stuffing, aimed at discrediting Apple. However, the U.S. Supreme court decided that the cause for concern still exists.

U.S. district judge William Alsup issued a decision which allowed users to file class-action lawsuits against Apple because of the risk of radiation-branded smartphones. The reason for making this decision were “stupid standards” Federal communications Commission USA, which is engaged in certification and verification of electronic equipment immediately before its appearance in the sale. Alsup explained that he is closely acquainted with the demands that the Agency makes the devices during the testing process, and found them to be unacceptable.

Is it dangerous radiation iPhone

Most of Alsup struck by the fact that the Federal communications Commission makes all measurements along the normal, assuming the location of the smartphone at a distance of two centimeters from the human body. This distance reduces the influence of the radiation device, allowing you to hold it level in the framework of the established requirements. However, the judge explained, rare user during a conversation on the phone keeps the phone at a distance of two inches from his ear. Most people press them close to the ear, than to increase the effect of radiation in several times.

The court’s determination of Alsup made in the proceedings on the case about excess of electromagnetic radiation of certain iPhone models. As evidence is the research of the experts of RF Exposure Lab, commissioned by the newspaper the Chicago Tribune. The judge admitted him to the case because the laboratory is accredited by the Federal communications Commission and has the right to conduct such tests. Despite the availability of accreditation and, in fact, directly dependent on the Supervisory authority, which may at any time to take it, laboratory experts criticized the official measurement method.

Who is to blame for the dangerous radiation iPhone

Apple’s lawyers, against which a lawsuit was filed, has reviewed evidence but have chosen not to conduct business. They explained this by the fact that Apple only meets the established requirements and assigns the permissible limits of electromagnetic radiation of smartphones. So the lawyers asked the court to dismiss the case against the company and attract as a defendant the Federal communications Commission, which is responsible for elaboration of the methods of measuring and quality control of electronic equipment.