Stickers iMessage became available with the release of iOS 10 and enjoys considerable popularity among users. Why? Quite simply, this is one way to diversify communication or, for example, to encourage the interlocutor when necessary. We in the editorial chat stickers have become an integral part of the conversation. Many often ask the question: where to get new stickers if the old is already tired?

In fact, in the App Store many apps with stickers, but often the developers simply take and copy funny pics from the web, not coming up with anything of his own. And in the application Owlpaint, for example, stickers, hand-drawn by the artist, and other such you will not find, they are completely unique! Theme stickers — owls (as you can tell from the title), but complement the whole thing Yes, the seals, where the same without them.

The application can be used in two ways. The first one is quite funny: opened the program, chose another photo from gallery or shot on the spot new, chose a funny sticker, added, moved, reduced or increased as necessary… and done! Less than a minute and your friend is already sitting with the owl’s head and hugging lions! No professional skills and complex photo editors! Your creation can be sent to any messenger or social network from VK to Instagram and Twitter.

In practice, the photo editor is so easy and available that they can use even children. Funny how many emotions it will bring you and your family!

In addition, after installing the app unique stickers with sonicamy automatically appear in iMessage that allows you to create images separately in the Annex, and “stick” stickers on the go.

Demonstrating creativity, you can create fotomontaggio mixes in the best traditions of the painting “Who framed Roger rabbit”, the benefit of that functionality allows you to: stickers can be moved as you like and change their size.

In General, there is no sense here to rant — install this app and try it yourself. Especially now the price is good, and from two in one — this is a cool set of stickers and entertainment editor you can get for only 1 usd.