Nominees for the Academy award until the last moment do not know who the jury will announce the best. Shock, stress, confusion – but the main test is still ahead. The winner has to give a speech worthy of a winner. Quick, impressive, exactly what is the most important, what not to say. Oscar winner in the nomination “best screenplay” the secret of Waititi considered most important to Express their outrage keyboards from Apple, choosing his victim almost the best of them. Pent.

Apple is not the first time expressed “Fi” in the so-called “cultural space”. In the 90s, in one of the series Simpson s evil, but justly, ridiculed the handwriting input of the first Newton MessagePad. In one episode of Star Trek, its creators have allowed themselves to doubt the intuitiveness and understandability of the user interface of the first Macs – however, walked on this topic kindly and not serious. Cases like these two were many. Steve jobs (when he was at the same time, the head of Apple Computer and Pixar Studios) has named Apple the most humanitarian of the IT company in the world in the late 90s that’s how it was. But this has not happened for the first time in the history of Apple and the Academy awards, the most important newly minted Oscar winner decided to blame Apple for the massive harm to the health of users. Media reported his words correctly and accurately for maximum simplifying and adapting the level of the readers. But adaptation did not help: the winner was advised to try the 16-inch MacBook Pro, trampled in the mud of suffering “butterfly”, came and keypad 16-inch MacBook Pro.

New keyboard MacBook

No keyboard in the world did not criticize equally and arguments convincingly and with such confidence in their own right, as an on-screen keyboard of the iPhone. Get used to it was not easy. The phrase “write with the iPhone” used to excuse mistakes and typos. A little more, and there would be a movement to equip the iPhone and iPod touch simple and regular keyboard – but the problem has lost its urgency. She’s uncomfortable (if not skills), with many real and natural flaws, the virtual keyboard was not less real and valuable benefits: on the “button” displayed is the character that will be added to the text after the “click.” The number, size and relative position of keys are easily changed, unlike all other keyboards. Those developers keyboards literally “blows the roof” from the endless possibilities of this approach. Of the myriad of patents held by Apple after the first iPhone, not less than the tenth part are related to “reinvent the keyboard anew” or to improve the virtual keyboards that are already there.

The advantages and disadvantages of virtual keyboards is obvious to everyone, even Amateurs. Those who engage in them for many years, know about them much more – they even know some of their weaknesses to weaken or even eliminate. One of these solutions, our fingers touch every day: to modern Apple laptop trackpad or Magic Trackpad. With dozens of tiny magnets and the wild imagination of the developers, in theory, the keys of the virtual keyboard could imitate the real keys and their “vertical stroke” is very realistic. You can achieve the flexibility of these simulators that are impossible in real mechanics is the software knows where it is located is displayed key in any layout, and in principle capable of simulating physical key at any point on-screen keyboard. This is a very time-consuming and expensive, and users powercam, get used to keyboards without these tricks, and even almost do not complain.

Keyboards in the Apple deal, more than any other company. These research and development spent a lot of money, not only for the purposes for which they should spend. Keyboard, especially for those who uses it a lot and very often a source of danger to health. They maimed. Unsuccessful from the point of view of the design lead to joint diseases that are treated, but long and not always. Especially in countries with virtual medicine. Most likely, the secret of Waititi this trouble I faced personally and painfully I hope, in the fairly early stages. And with this problem for decades, are struggling. Accumulated vast experience, in minute detail known, what should be the design of keyboards, but perfect solutions are still there. Once this was done and in the Apple. Apple keyboard zero and the beginning of the tenth was one of the best. Then came the era of science fiction.

What good is a keyboard “butterfly”

Keyboard “butterfly” already does harm to humanity and the sales of portable Macs,about half of those who have a lot of typing, adapted to its unusually short course – many liked it, they have increased the print speed, and if not for the incredible unreliability of these keyboards can be, they used to be. And one of the journalists network share Digital Trends gave vent to their imagination and tried to imagine what will be the MacBook and the (apparently all – Air and Pro, just MacBook) to 2021. Touch Bar, in his opinion – only the beginning. By 2021, as it is written in Digital Trends, it will absorb the entire keyboard, trackpad and all the “unused” space around it — actually a support for the hands that reduces the risk of joint damage with prolonged and frequent printing.