What we want to see in the perfect browser? First and foremost, of course, speed. The speed of opening and the way the image is displayed plays almost the most important role in the choice of browser. Another important set of features: if the application do not able to set a bookmark, it is not necessary, not to mention the advanced features like a built-in VPN. And here we smoothly come to the third criterion of privacy. No one wants to have his movements in the network are constantly monitored, “catch-up” advertising online after visiting the store and showed the banners that often interfere with the content.

For example, you saw a new iPhone or another device (even a lawnmower) from the online store, which enabled targeted advertising. Even if you find what you were looking for, and you will buy it, the store can still continue to spam advertising in Instagram, just banners in the browser or even in social networks. To extricate itself from this, it is better to use private browser Browser like Aloha.

It is not only free and very fast web browser (still with built-in-fact AD BLOCK), but also VPN, a QR code scanner and much more. But most importantly — Aloha Browser does not lead any record of visited sites or your IP addresses, don’t collect any personal information, and, accordingly, have not been able with no one to share, because sharing something and nothing. Some browsers already appeared in the scandal center from-for transfer data about their users to the side and not to worry.

The main screen of the browser allows to quickly search, go to the website from a bookmark or to watch the news (news categories, you can disable and customize the way you want). This page is always accessible from the bottom navigation menu.

On the right there is an icon for a quick view of all your open web pages (there is also a toggle button for private access), next — button to access the downloads. The application itself recognizes the files, or media (photo, video, pictures) and groups them by folders.

In General, the Aloha interface Browser something like native Safari on the iPhone. It’s very convenient because we did not spend a lot of time to get used to a new browser. All the buttons are placed intuitively and clearly, there are no superfluous elements, which overload the interface. But what exactly is not in Safari, so this is a report about privacy: this app real time shows how much you have saved data with it (and time), number of times ad trackers try to track the number of skryty IP (the application hides your real IP address when VPN is enabled). Moreover, if you go into the detailed statistics, you can detect the number of incorrect entries of the password, malicious sites and many more.

To activate the VPN, click a shield near the search bar (address bar) and your connection will be immediately protected. It is possible to quickly change the country VPN connection, but it is best to use premium fast server (this is the bun for owners of the premium subscription, but more on that later). By the way, not so long ago in Aloha Browser added TOR support — you can now visit .onion sites, just select the TOR server list VPN servers.

Rarely seen by the browser, the drafting of which has thought of everything. There is also a function of background playback (you can listen to music with the screen off), and a built-in media player, and a QR code scanner and all of it ANONYMOUSLY. Even all the data going through the VPN are compressed to save your bandwidth.

To use the browser is completely free, and for those who want to access the additional tools provided by the premium subscription. It allows you to choose the country VPN automatically reconnects when you start the browser, provides support for ZIP archives, additional themes, and more. Will cost no more than a Cup of coffee in a month (now generally discounted 50% distribute), so that is something to think about.

Aloha Browser was created for iOS and Android a group of people who are concerned about the current attitude to freedom of speech and the lack of privacy on the Internet. And this is evident not only in the number of functions associated with the anonymity of the Internet, but also user base — millions are already using this app every day as my default browser. If you care about your privacy (or just want to use a browser with a bunch of bells and whistles), try too.