How will be the further desktop computers Apple? The Mac Pro was presented at WWDC 2019 and December 2019 on sale made the “killing machine” (well, almost) super-class with wheels that need to be purchased separately for $ 400. In this computer a huge amount of power, and it is designed for professional editors, content creators, or those who just require a great deal of power. The computer came with a brand new design, which helped him stand out in the market. Given this, can we expect a redesign of the iMac and iMac Pro?

Most likely, Yes, as evidenced by the stack of patents, which yesterday drew the attention of Forbes. Apple is looking for advanced technology to work with glass to create a unique curved base for the new iMac. The patent, entitled “electronic device with a glass body” describes in detail ways to set the display in the upper part of the design and various options of the keyboard (physical keyboard, trackpad or connected to MacBook).

New iMac 2020

But the greatest innovation is the “transition” between the screen and keyboard. Because this site is bent. This is done to take care of potential ergonomic issues around the viewing angle of the display. To the rear there is a small support element, but it will be out of sight and will not affect the ergonomics of the machine. Ate Mac comes with a physical keyboard, it needs to be removed at a certain distance, to allow the user to provide comfortable conditions for work.

A thorough review of the design is in the conceptual video, jointly released by Let’s Go Digital and Concept Creator.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the ideas in the published patent will make it public. In my opinion, the design is very similar to the one create in the Apple, it is based on the existing appearance of the Mac and iMac. However, he combines iconic design that stands out in the market.