Recently on our website published an article about that, is there any prospect for extender Apple TV 4K. This theme has arisen not just from nowhere, from nothing. The fact that many modern smart TVs, have similar functions in connection with which the question arises, and which apps and capabilities can do a 4K Apple TV a must have gadget. In this regard, I will share my experience of owning a console TV from Cupertino. I have to say, I don’t like overloaded and inconvenient interface for Android TV and very poor and monotonous set of software in WebOS and Tizen.

Interface tvOS 13 plus multiplayer make Apple TV the best smart TV platform in early 2020. The main scenarios for the use of consoles to me are watching TV, movies and TV series. As for the games I admit I’m a little disappointed with the service Arcade in its current state and prefer the console fun on the PS4.

I live in Ukraine, where on January 28 of this year, officially coded domestic national TV channels access satellite. Cardsharing the new encoding is not possible, the intake air has already entered the history, and to pay the operator of cable TV for the poor set of channels among which, for obvious reasons, there are no Russian, I don’t see the point. And in this age of high-speed Internet want to take advantage of interactive television, which simply cannot give a “plate”. For Apple TV there is a exclusive player, which today is almost no equal on any other platform — UniPlayer.

The app is fully optimized to work with proprietary Siri Remote. Very conveniently implemented gesture controls playback and rewind. Interface player displays the program guide allows you to conveniently sort the channels by category, makes recommendations to watch or a movie based on their rating. Is and parental control. It is important that the player requires only the download of a working playlist with the channels. The rest of the developers have already taken care of. For almost all ranking channels in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus automatically loaded the correct names and logos, loaded, extended television program with a description of the shows and movies. With all the popular OTT services works viewing programs in the archive.

The second player, which I often use, is a cross-platform solution It is not as elegant an interface as the previous one, but is available on all my devices, is stable and requires no additional trouble with TV listings and watch in the archive. In addition, a pleasant highlight is the scheduler that will not let you miss your favorite TV show will be given a reminder. And I really liked the advanced playlist editor on the site allows you to sort the channels, but also to change their names, icons, logos and sources of epg (the program guide).

Now about where to take quality and working playlists. The cheapest is service EdemTV, recently launched a counterpart, called iLookTV. For $ 1 per month, the user is prompted 542 Russian-language channel, of which 102 in HD quality. Many channels have archive for 4 days. But the service is not always stable, there are failures. Simultaneous viewing is possible on two devices.

The second service I used was OTTCLUB. Here everything is implemented very consistently and efficiently. Available such tariff plans for the month: 1) Lite — 4,5 € — 228-channel SD and HD quality; 2) Medium — 7 € — 232 channel SD and HD quality, archive 7 days; 3) Full — 10 € — 247 channels SD, HD and FullHD quality, archive of 7 days. There are also pazarena billing. Prices: 0,0228 €/h, 0,04568 €/h and 0,0912 €/h for SD, HD, and Full HD quality, respectively. Simultaneous viewing is possible on three devices.

Today I watch TV from the service Cbilling. For 5 dollars a month available to me in SD as the main Federal channels, most of the channels from the package of NTV+, all the Central channels of Ukraine and Belarus. There are more channels from other CIS republics, I don’t watch. The abundance of sporting, educational, film and children’s channels in excellent quality is impressive. Service stable, archive for 7 days. For $ 8 a large part of the channels will be in HD quality. For those who watches television not often provided pazarena billing. From 00:00 to 18:00 SD request costs 0,03 $/HR; HD query — 0,05 $/hours From 18.00 to 24.00 respectively SD request 0,06 $/HR; HD query of 0.1 $/h Who likes 4K TV, can purchase the Premium package for 12 $/month. The multiroom service is not provided.

Cbilling is a good budgetfor Russian-speaking audience are the services Shara-TV and ITV.LIVE. They are interesting because unlike the previous ones allow the user to purchase the full package of channels and build their own individual set. For example, in Shara-TV can be purchased on a month to view the full package for 7 $, and all $ 5, which will not be HD channels, foreign channels and adult audience, and it is possible separately to collect the basic package for $ 2, sports channels, and also $ 2, and all other groups — baby, film, educational, etc., $ 1. Accordingly, it is possible to watch only what you want and pay only for that. At the same time viewing is possible on three devices. HAVE ITV.lIVE it makes sense to take the Premium package for 5,80 $/month., either type individually. Price range from 0.50 $/month for kids and music channels and up to 2.50 $ per film. On most channels the archive for 10 days, some for 3 days. On channels in UHD quality for the day. The multiroom service is not provided.

Another inexpensive and decent service for people that do not require the presence of the archive in a few days — I bought a package for VipAll of 3.49 $ a month and very pleased with the quality. If you wish to save, you can restrict the basic package for 2,49 $. It includes major Federal and Ukrainian channels, as well as rating film, educational, music and children. Sports channels in high quality at desire it is possible to buy separately for 0.99 $. Guys constantly develop and improve the service. The number of channels with archives is constantly growing. While officially possible to view gear in the recording the day before broadcast, but in the future I think the service will improve dramatically.

Now about the online theaters. In Russia the most popular are the IVI, Amediateka Okko and of course. But the last donedavna for unknown reasons, was not available in Ukraine. And if a PC or tablet solution is VPN with Apple TV this trick exactly fails. So the choice fell on the domestic services, which also work great in Russia. It Megogo, Divan TV and Competition is a wonderful thing in a market economy. On the one hand it forces content providers to set prices at a level no higher than the competitors, on the other hand constantly to lure the users with different offers, discounts and loyalty programs. These three main services monthly subscription depending on the number of available channels and movies.

Because we have a different currency, I will quote prices in dollars. Have the minimum subscription S will cost 3.24 $. Will be available in 169 channels, including 30 HD 3000 and movie. Subscription M cost 3.93 $. You can watch 237 channels, of which 57 full HD and 5,000 movies. Subscription 7,98 L is worth $ 261 and offers a channel 79 in FullHD and 6,000 films. All subscriptions have a 3 channel UltraHD. Most of the channels have the backup of the week. All movies in HD quality. you can watch on up to 5 devices.

Divan TV offers its viewers Starting subscription for 2,75 $. 145 channels available with the archive for a week on 4 devices. Optimal subscription for 3,40 $ enables you to watch channel 192 files with 5 devices. Will also be available movies, shows and sitcoms. A prestigious subscription of 6.84 per $ in addition to 204 channels in HD quality archive, films and TV series includes the notorious Amediatekу. Another nice highlight in all subscriptions is a free radio with a sufficient number of stations to suit different tastes.

Megogo I liked all the services. Here’s an Easy subscription costs 3,24 $ 153 and includes the channel and 8,000 films. Optimal subscription will cost 3.93 $. Will be available to 211 channels and 13,000 films. Maximum of 7.98 subscription costs $ and includes 254 canal and 13500 films, and is known to us Amediatekу. On television at the Optimum and Maximum subscription in my opinion the best list of channels. All of them works archive. Simultaneous viewing on multiple devices. The range of films is not inferior to the Russian IVI, which in Ukraine costs 3,20 $/month, but without a television, and some premieres of films and series appear in Megogo even earlier. Most of the available by subscription. The premiere will have to buy separately. The prices are quite adequate, sometimes even lower than in the iTunes Store.

An important feature of the mentioned services is the ability to order and pay for your subscription through the official website, and the device simply log in to your account and enjoy watching. Of course you can purchase all subscriptions and officially through the App Store, but why pay for used Apple? Most viewers are likely to stop at the Optimal subscription and will be able to enjoy the exclusive content and no ads. And one more thing — all three services have a free period for review.