The first generation of Apple TV, Steve jobs introduced to the public at the Macworld conference back in 2007. The gadget is positioned as a “hobby,” the main task of which was broadcast on the big screen, the content purchased by the user in iTunes. Originally provided for the transfer of content from iTunes library on PC, but very quickly with the release of updates in the next year it became possible to purchase media content directly from the console. We also added the ability to stream photos and realized work of the famous YouTube video. Video content is broadcast in 720p resolution, however, with the release of the third version of the extender in 2012 was the resolution of 1080p. In addition Apple TV 3 got interface that resembles iOS.

One of the most requested features was the so-called AirPlay when iPhone, iPad or Mac can be directly mirrored to large TV screen Apple gadget. At the time in the world of Android is still in sight there was no such thing as Miracast and it was not devices such as Chromecast and its ilk. I remember what a delight in 2010 called the students ‘ lecture that the Professor came with the iPad and just switched the finger slides in Keynote, and on a huge screen in the auditorium all that is beautiful was broadcasted.

The new Apple TV

A new era in the development of Apple TV started on 9 September 2015, when Tim cook unveiled the perfect new TV. It was supposed to be TV applications. The console version (now it’s called the Apple TV HD) got a new operating system tvOS with the app store, a new user interface and unique touch control panel, equipped with an accelerometer and a triaxial gyroscope that allowed it to be used in compatible games instead of the gamepad.

For the new gadget began to develop apps and games. Two years later Apple introduced the actual today the 5th generation console called 4K and in parallel undertook the work in his very own iTunes store for the expansion of content permit. In 2019, Apple launched two branded service, which significantly expands the functionality of your gadget — Apple TV+ Apple Arcade. Modern consoles are able to play exclusive HDR 4K content and is certified to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This allows you to feel at home, like in a real cinema. And by the way, the Apple TV could become a hub through which the user can control from their iPhone or iPad devices. outside the HomeKit ecosystem in the smart home Apple.

But are there any prospects for actual consoles with hardware from three years ago, and whether it makes sense to release a new version with more productive stuffing? In the world today smart TV’s main competitors are consoles and TVs on Android TV, smart LG TV with its WebOS and Samsung with Tizen. The problem is aggravated by the fact that Apple has opened for the last two AirPlay Protocol 2 and supplied them with application for viewing of content from Apple TV+. Naturally it turns out that today the owner of modern TV can directly watch exclusive content and to mirror the screen of your gadget without connecting additional devices. Yes, WebOS and Tizen contain virtually no games, their flagship stores are filled with mainly online cinemas, but in the world of Android TV is much more diversity in this regard.

What’s new in new Apple TV

Sadly, what he wrote almost all cinematic online — branded service Arcade, to put it mildly, “is not soared”, though allowed to finally “score” all the available memory of the gadget. And this is due to the fact that it is still quite a few really worthwhile games; many games additionally require the presence of a gamepad, and indeed none of them may be on a par with console counterparts.

However, I believe that the Apple TV has undeniable advantages, which may give her a chance. The first is a convenient and beautiful interface, which is not the competition; the secondimplementation of listening to your favorite tracks from the Apple Music on a home theater system; third — view photos and home videos directly on the screen without connecting another gadget. But if our favorite Cupertino-based company will work properly in the right direction, the service Arcade will be able to turn the console into another, and really a wonderful gadget for playing games.