Streaming Apple Music service, since its launch and to this day enjoys great popularity among users. If we talk about growth, then the music platform Apple has already surpassed its main competitor – Spotify. It all most looks on the part of the listener (consumer of content), but as things are, if you look at the industry through the eyes of a musician? If it’s not Taylor swift, Billy Iles or Justin Timberlake, the path to glory lies through a serious obstacle. We talked with a young professional musician, who writes music under the pseudonym ENCODER – how to upload tracks to Apple’s Music and other streaming services, the peculiarities of payment and other details, the existence of which many do not even know.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Don’t even know where to start… And, no, you know. It all started with loneliness. Childhood and youth passed me without a father, and my mother worked all day and night. The only thing I remember — the eternal travel… So alone, because permanent friends so not to get hold of. I sat all day at home or at mom’s at work, in a huge office (often at night, since she was there 24/7), and to the edge of your mind not to go, began to write music with some old Mac book and some headphones Beats. Since childhood, it has increasingly turned from a hobby to the primary employment. I recently started a solo career as a musician under the pseudonym ENCODER. I went from Russia to Europe already a few years ago. Still not decided on the genre, just make the music you like. Bipolar disorder was the cause, I guess… by the Way, my logo and what it symbolizes. I work with a variety of musicians and genres, from the guys who with a guitar singing to techno. The last time did the REP began to read with the team — short album, and indeed a lot of music on the way. In fact, unable to understand everything on my Instagram.

Streaming services are experiencing the good times — the revenue of the labels grows, the number of auditions too. But, they say, for young musicians there not the best of conditions. How did you decided to promote your music in the Apple Music?

If you compare the iTunes store and the Apple Music head-on, for example, it appears that the conditions there for young musicians. People will think three times before you buy in iTunes now, but will add to your library Apple Music, new artist, because to listen is easier than to sell.

It was difficult to place your own tracks? Are you asking for help? Is there any moderation in the AM?

Have a budding musician there are two options how to place their music on streaming services.

Label. But more on that later. Almost all can this paragraph be omitted.

Second, more real and easiest distributor. Distributors are several to choose from. In my opinion, beginners will fit DistroKid. Individual musician will need to pay for basic package$ 20 a year, which is significantly less than the competition. Many distributors take the money for the release of just one album. In DistroKid for this amount per year you can upload unlimited number of tracks and albums. The majority of musicians who want to start – for the eyes and the ears.

If someone has the desire to register and upload their music on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and so on – this can be done via my referral link at a discount of 7%.

You decided how the label will work? Or in this situation, the label itself “chooses you”

Yes, if it was *laughs*. The label is a business. There is not much talk about music goes. First, in the usual major label musician is unlikely to take. They take a demo, Yes. But the guys who write good music, a lot. People need to know personally, have regard, so to speak. But many small labels you can get, even if a certain level has been reached. And yet even to get there easier if you know someone personally. To get into the record label is the dream of almost every musician.

What are the difficulties you faced before you get in the Apple Music?

A search for several of them. And then finding a good distributor. On the label I didn’t want to work and don’t want to. I have it own, albeit small. Bank card to get even need PayPal to get verified Apple Music there to access the control panel.. It’s not quite difficulties – the trouble is likely. Most of the questions have answers in the Internet, depends on the desire only.

How do you think, in Russia this industry is well developed?

Yes. At least in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There’s not much from Europe lags behind, but could be better.

Your tracks is quite interesting, never thought to try to ask help from the foreign label?

Thank you. I already live abroad. Still looking for people who are really a step above me. The problem is that it is rarely just in the restaurant or somewhere else to meet. Well, you can sometimes. But if musicians do we know that managers and producers is unlikely. While big labels mail, and so overwhelmed with the good performers.

How much do you get from one audition?

Not very much. It is difficult to calculate because of delays in payments in 3 months. Approximately 0.005$ (Apple Music) for listening.

This is not the main way of earning musician. Selling merchandise (and related products associated with the contractor — approx.ed.), I think the more you can earn. Music in stores is just advertising for concerts from the point of view of business. But at concerts you can earn.

Are there any features to reward was assessed accurately?

Well, in the Apple Music you need to wait a little (up to three months) before they transferred the royalty to the distributor. On YouTube everything is a little faster, but the payout’s funny. And no features.

How do you know about earnings? Is there some control panel where everything is shown?

Yes, DistroKid all very clearly shown. With what service and how much money I got.

I’m more than sure that other distributors are all the same.

How do you get money on your hands? It is unlikely that there is a button “Withdraw to card”. Or is there?

Not going to believe DistroKid has a button “Withdraw to card”. Just kidding *laughs*. PayPal needed. Where is this button. To withdraw money on the card is easy compared to other problems of a musician.

As such operations are carried out from the point of view of taxes?

At the moment any way. I live in Germany and there’s zero tax on such amounts. Even if I have more than 1M streams on Apple Music, I’ll get it for hardly more than 500$.

Remember right after the launch of the Apple Music (while the time everyone got 3 free months) Taylor swift rebelled that it is very little pay during this period. You agree that Apple could pay more?

It’s not so simple. 3 months distribute to new users so far. And Twitter eddy cue answered her from the face of the Apple that payments will be made for the time of the auditions, including the first three months.

Would Apple pay more to the musicians? It sounds like the issue “could cost Apple products cheaper???”. But if you compare with other streaming services – Apple Music not the smallest payments (about 70% of their net profit from the service)

I don’t think low payments associated with the fact that music streaming services are mostly unprofitable? They’re almost all only at the expense of investments and live.

No, streaming services are not profitable. But I’m sure for one reason only. Well look at that intelligent face. Would this man something unprofitable to do?

But Spotify, for unknown reasons, Yes. Musicians have to pay for listening, and they have more than 50% of the audience listens to the music for free. Now the situation has changed a bit “better” with the advent of cloud advertising. Well, you understand. But then the fact that Apple has a large market share of mobile devices and computers. And my personal opinion they have the right to oppress Spotify that they are in General do. I’m for a monopoly to Apple.

You have been made available only in the Apple Music and Spotify, or other streaming services too? Where pay more?

I am almost everywhere. Even using Shazam you can recognize my tracks.

The question is not how much you pay, but how big is the audience, what is interest and how much is solvent. Apple Music I love the fact that 100% of users pay for the audition, and the taste of most users Apple Music exactly like most Apple users — refined. Spotify I have on the second place. They have 50% of the industry, and payments to musicians is not much smaller than Apple Music. All others pay less.

As readers can reach you or even get in the team?

We are always looking for new staff, so feel free to write to [email protected]. Assist with distribution of music for beginners, write the instrumentals (beats, backing tracks), finalizing/mastering projects. Also happy to take talented guys on the team. Respond to emails sometimes not very fast, but all and friendly.