This week Samsung introduced three flagship smartphone, of which really advanced was only one – Galaxy S20 Ultra. Since the consumer has already ceased to be surprised by the performance, even the Koreans did not particularly focus on 16GB of RAM that is available in the top configuration, but focused, as one would expect, the photo – and video recording functions of the apparatus. Resulting in the camera module was so large that it occupied almost 25% of the area of the rear panel. But because the design is quite specific, we will talk about more universal things.

Despite the fact that most of the solutions that embody Samsung, by and large, do not have practical use, some ideas of the Koreans, perhaps it would be worth adopting and Apple. Indeed, in Cupertino, I’m sure, will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, and based on the ideas applied in Ultra Galaxy S20, to create something of their own, but much more applicable for everyday use.

10x zoom for your iPhone

Camera the flagship models iPhone all good. It makes great pictures when lighting is poor, processes are not the good shots, making them better, and allows you to zoom up to two times without loss of quality. That’s only twice the zoom in 2020 looks frankly weak. No, I’m not calling Apple to copy from Samsung 100-fold technology of digital approximation, when it is impossible to distinguish what you’re watching. However, the methodology for the 10x zoom, when the quality remains the same, would be iPhone is clearly not superfluous.

Display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz

Anyone who has used the new iPad Pro, knows how much fun brings a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The picture moves incredibly smoothly, creating a feeling of increased responsiveness and thus giving a completely unique experience that can not yet be felt everywhere. However, Samsung has decided that more can not continue and has released a line of Galaxy S20 supporting similar technologies. While for Apple to implement it will not be difficult, because it buys displays for its iPhone from Samsung. So the only question is the willingness of the company to take this step.

Battery iPhone 12

Yes, recently Apple has made great progress in terms of autonomy of their smartphones, from year to year increasing the capacity of their batteries. But, nevertheless, even the current flagship models of the iPhone have battery capacity less than 4000 mAh, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra equipped with a battery of 5000 mAh. It’s quite a significant increase that will provide the smartphone long time battery life, and I see no reason that Apple went down the same path. Because of thoughtless reduction of the thickness of the iPhone, Apple already refused, and increasing it even half a millimeter would definitely help to increase the battery capacity for 600-800 mAh.

Why iPhone don’t need support 5G

The year 2020 promises to be the year of 5G. All manufacturers strive to produce EN masse on the market of inexpensive devices with support for fifth generation networks. But compatible modem – a rather expensive component, so vendors are forced to save and equip branded smartphones support 5G standard NSA operating in the range of less than 6 Hz. This so-called “fake 5G”, because his work provides the infrastructure for LTE. The real 5G operators in the majority have not yet mastered, and, therefore, do not hurry and Apple, especially at the risk of raising the prices of its smartphones, which is quite high.

Why 8K-video is not necessary

One of the key functions of the Galaxy camera S20 Ultra, about which much was said at the presentation, was the support of recording 8K video. I don’t see the point in this technology not only because such a video would weigh far too much, which is clearly not suitable for domestic use, but also because to watch them than the smartphone will be commonplace anywhere. Practice shows that today not everyone has 4K TVs, not to mention the 8K panels, which to the living rooms of ordinary consumers, obviously, get still Oh as not soon. Therefore, the resolution of videos for Samsung Apple chase just not worth it.