The concept of modular smartphones seemed to be able to define the future of mobile industry, now safely forgotten. Whether to create a structure which would allow to produce hot-swappable hardware components, turned out to be impossible, or the prospect of creating different under a specific combination of iron so badly frightened the producers, but outside not too skillful attempts by some manufacturers this idea did not go. In the end, too much work this would apply, with no guarantee of success the concept of modular smartphones. But how about modular hours?

Apple does not exclude the launch of the Apple Watch with the possibility of expansion of their functions. The company has reflected this idea in the new patents registered in the patent and trademark office. However, in contrast to the concepts of foldable smartphones, which suggested the possibility to remove and replace hardware components like camera, memory and processor, Apple wants to offer users not to intrude into the device and change it inside the new one, and add them on top as the external body kit.

Modular Apple Watch

In fact, the concept that describes Apple very similar to the one that tried to implement Motorola. The idea of the company from Cupertino is to users to use external modules that will be attached to the back cover. It’s hardly the only option, because there is a contact area that is able to combine the watch with additional modules. Thus it is possible to add hours of those functions which, according to users, they do not have and at the same time not to violate the integrity of the design, in order not to violate the protection from moisture and dust.

Whether this idea is practical use? Of course. Of course, thanks to the external module is unlikely to make the Apple Watch not fade throughout the cycle of use, but to increase their functionality very easily. For example, you bought a basic modification of hours with built-in heart rate monitor, and then realized that it would be nice to have the scanner and ECG. He then re-buy the module with the function of reading an ECG, attaches it to the clock and enjoys your pleasure.

What’s wrong with the modules for the Apple Watch

Yes, we should not forget that external modules have a lot of restrictions that many can only disappoint. First, additional components are installed to the bottom of the corny will increase dimensions hours, making them thicker, and therefore more inconvenient. Second, each module is likely to carry only one specific function without the ability to use two or more. Well, and thirdly, buying several units in reserve can cost you even more than the Apple Watch, which, in General, not too nice.