Apple, like any commercial company, interested in the fact that the customers were satisfied with what she’s doing. Technical support, warranty, performance, brand and download speed of the content posted on its corporate areas – everything should be at its best. To do this, in Cupertino and then collect user feedback, to have an idea about what needs to be improved. But if you change the terms of service more loyal to Apple in General, maybe that’s how she will be able to increase the speed of the Internet users that they could easily watch TV shows on Apple TV and download movies from iTunes? Of course, it does. However, to improve the content delivery is still possible.

Apple decided to use the technology edge caching (Edge Cache) to the fastest delivery of content on its platforms, to the user. This method involves caching the data on the servers of Internet service providers located as close as possible to the final consumer. Thus, one can increase the speed of information delivery by user request, who will have to spend less time downloading a movie from iTunes or a TV series from Apple TV+. How it happens: every time the user visited a popular website or web service that loads the data from there, they enter the cache. Therefore, each next user requesting the same content, will be able to get them much faster with the cache server.

Why you need an edge caching

Edge caching allows not only for faster delivery of content, but to a lesser extent use of the Internet infrastructure used for delivery. This reduces the number of risks and various issues that can occur when data is sent from the servers of the content provider to the end user. As a result of different kinds of failures, outages and other difficulties will be smaller, and the process of transferring the requested information will be much more stable than if the edge caching were not used.

However, there are some difficulties. Despite the fact that the new initiative of Apple has to use the servers Internet service providers, the company decided not to restore the bridges with them yourself, and to impose this obligation on them. Therefore, if a company engaged in the provision of Internet access, wants its customers to more rapidly access Apple services, she must send the application form. After processing, Apple will verify the technical capability to implement edge caching and send to the provider the necessary data.

Services with edge caching

It would seem, why is it the providers? But, apparently, the edge caching enjoys a certain popularity among them, because many services already use this technology, and providers gladly implement it. The same Netflix and Amazon have long mastered the edge caching, and providing of Internet providers the necessary tools to maintain the data cache on servers that provide users with more timely delivery of content.