For several years now Apple holds an event in March – that’s the presentation we saw iPhone SE budget iPad and many other novelties. Why in March? In fact, California is almost always Sunny and nothing prevented the leadership of Apple to organize the event a month earlier. But the point here is, you guessed it, not in the weather: the Apple, though never openly said, but tries not to overlap with other major technological developments – in particular, with the Samsung Unpacked and the MWC.

MWC 2020 cancelled

But the Unpacked event has already passed, and despite the announcement of “clamshell” from Samsung, it is still not talking much, about the same as a new iPhone after its release. And late last night it became known that MWC 2020 this year will be cancelled — all because of the same virus, which we have been discussing since the beginning of January. Not to say that MWC was usually right serious competitors to Apple, but there was a lot more tech players than in the same CES. And just all the journalists and the information field is usually occupied by brands that participate in the exhibition, from the middle to the end of February.

It would seem that Apple is just at hand, but the problem is that the presentation of the “Apple” of the Corporation may be in jeopardy because of coronavirus (if not cancelled). Apple don’t need to answer to anyone, she never promised that in March will hold any presentation. However, right now, in the next few weeks, for Apple — the perfect time to hold your own event.

Apple in March 2020

Why? It’s simple — the attention of journalists (and not only) will be completely chained to it, and even if we do not see the new budget iPhone, and would love the company is still filling the information field. And let the biggest partners of Apple like Foxconn or Pegatron TSMC are quarantined for an indefinite period and can’t give her the right amount of components (even AirPods may soon disappear from stores), it does not prevent to show the new device off the stage, and start selling it in 1-2 months. Apple has already used this with the Apple Watch, the first iPad, Mac Pro and other devices.

Apple is also taking measures to protect the company personnel from becoming infected with coronavirus – a trip to China, up to reduce the risk of infection is limited. And the organization of production and control over the initial stages require the constant presence of a large number of specialists. The launch of new products into production, at best, difficult and slow.

At the same time, some companies have already expressed their desire still to hold events in Barcelona, despite the abolition of the MWC 2020. They can be understood — the organization has already paid a lot of money, plus it’s the main event of the mobile industry in a year. But still these proactive brands will be not so many, and even if they show some new items, about the devices in a couple of weeks safely forgotten. And then in a few days at CES, usually the way it happens. Share your opinion on this subject in our Telegram chat.