The absorption at modern market technologies is very common. Not a day goes by that most famous and authoritative company became the owner of some promising startups. Apple is no exception in that – “from time to Time Apple buys smaller technology companies, and we generally do not discuss their goals and plans” – these words a press-the Secretary of the company is commented each such transaction. Not long ago, Apple bought a startup – a company that specializiruetsya on artificial intelligence. Shopping did not go unnoticed: they are interested in Federal trade Commission.

As 9to5Mac writes, the Commission announced that it plans to examine past transactions conducted by large technology companies, including Apple. The FTC has issued orders for Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Google and Facebook to obtain extra information about the purchased companies and the motives for the implementation of certain transactions.

Why Apple buys other companies

The Federal trade Commission has requested information that has not been transmitted to Antimonopoly authorities in compliance with the law. The investigation covers all the transactions that each company has made in the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2019. What happened this time? So many things — for example, Apple bought Beats for $ 3 billion in 2014. Also Facebook absorbed Instagram photo service.

The purpose of the investigation is to assist the Commission “to improve their understanding of the” strategy of acquisition of companies such as Apple. FTC will pay particular attention to the search for potential transactions in order to minimize competition:

Companiesinvolved in digital technologies, are an important part of the economy and our daily lives — the Chairman of the FTC, Joe Simons. This initiative will allow the Commission to look more closely at transactions in this key sector, and to assess whether the Federal Agency notification of transactions that may harm competition in the market. This will help us to keep technology markets open and competitive for the benefit of consumers.

Apple is known to have conducted quite a lot of transactions each year, especially with smaller companies. The company never reveals any details about those acquisitions, instead publishing a statement saying that “from time to time buys smaller technology companies, and usually does not discuss their purpose or plans.” Buy Apple often witnessed the appearance of new features in its products. The acquisition of AuthenTec in 2012 allowed the Corporation to develop a fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5s and deal with Lala in 2008 became the starting impetus for the creation of iTunes Match.

How many companies buy Apple

However, this investigation, which will be held, apparently, will force Apple to provide more information about all the transactions, which it held from 2010 to 2019. In may 2019 Apple CEO Tim cook said that Apple has acquired 25 companies in the last six months.

According to eddy cue, senior Vice President of Apple software, a rare month costs for the company without the acquisition of another startup. The greatest interest of top managers from Cupertino cause of the organization, the main activity of which is the development of artificial intelligence in one form or another.