For the first time in its history, over the last three months of 2019 Apple’s revenue exceeded $ 90 billion, the company obtained a record net profit. Tim reported this cautiously and modestly, as something self-evident. Well, when the facts speak for themselves, especially if you do not have to make excuses for failure. Apple exceeded expectations, the holiday quarter was phenomenally good, especially if you compare it with last year’s festive Apocalypse. However, for modesty and restraint were other reasons. This is, without doubt, a triumph – but with a disturbing finish.

That results year 2019 will be good, no one in particular and no doubt. Apple predicted income of 85.5 to 89.5 billion in the same forecast for the holiday quarter of last year, several U.S. courts still considered the claims made against them for “misrepresentation”, their prospects for Apple are obvious – will have to pay. Therefore such a spread, you never know what will happen. The joint forecast of the leading experts of wall street – 88 and 43 billion dollars. If their forecast is very different from the reality, would hurt their reputation, and not fatal.

They all made a mistake, the results were not “good”, but good. Income – 91,82 billion, net profit – 22,24 billion dollars. Income and net profit record. Until yesterday, within two years, record levels remained festive quarter of 2017 and the income at 88.3 billion and a net profit of 20.07 billion. That was last year (income of 84.3 billion and net profit of 19.97 billion) you will most likely remember.

Quarterly report Apple 2020

Compared to the apocalyptic holiday quarter last year, sales revenues grew in almost all geographical areas: in South and North America, with 36,94 billion to 41,37, in Europe, from 20.36 to 23.27 in mainland China from 13.17 to 13.58 and the Pacific-Asian region (excluding Japan, which is counted separately) from 6.93 to 7.38. In Japan, revenues from sales decreased from 6.91 billion to 6.22. Four of the five regions – the growth of sales.

In three of the five categories of Apple products – the same increase in sales, at least compared to the same quarter last year. The most important category (iPhone) – sales revenues grew by 8%, from 51.98 to 55,96 billion dollars. In the holiday quarter of 2017, Apple earned on the sale of the iPhone 61,1 billion, the record still not beaten. However, this is a major achievement: except year 17 years Apple has ever earned on sales of the iPhone. About what it means for Apple, read the last section of the article.

The category of “Wearable products/Products for home/Accessories” has never prescribed the “main focus”,the potential and rapid growth, it at least is not inferior to the services. With the end of 2017 to the present time the income from this category is continuously growing, mainly due to the Apple Watch and the AirPods 2/AirPods Pro. Detractors, before claiming that Apple has no chance for success in any of these areas, now trying to stab another way: Apple is no longer an IT-company, is a manufacturer of consumer electronics. Actually this is not true, but even if and consistent – than it would be a bad thing?

Compared to the holiday quarter last year, Apple’s revenues from this category increased from 7.31 to 10.01 billion. This category includes not only smart clock and wireless headphones, but obviously, adapters, cables, cases and other expensive attributes of Apple symbols bring relatively little income, which is hoped to highlight the “wearable devices” as a separate category, in case,, this iPhone does not appear any smart glasses, is not necessary.

In the category “Services” income, compared to the holiday quarter last year, increased from 10.88 billion dollars to 12.72. This is a record value. Then there will be more: the number of subscribers is growing rapidly, is close to 500 million by the end of 2020, according to Apple and some experts, there will be 600 million. The only trouble is one thing: currently a significant portion of the 400+ million subscribers uses the services “for free”, will they remain subscribers after the free period is still unknown.

What happened to iPad and Mac

In its tenth year of iPad entered is not the best way. The income from its sales once again declined. With 6.73 billion dollars in the worst holiday quarters to 5.98. Unfortunately, Apple’s been half a year did not publish quantitative data on the sales of its products, and quantitative data by types of products disappeared from the official records in ancient times (10-15 years ago). Unofficially Apple not once or twice declared that iPad Pro sales leader. With 2018, he has not changed. All other variations of the iPad was updated, and “inflexible” iPad Pro, with all its known advantages and disadvantages, all the same. I hope, in honor of the decade of the iPad and all modern tablets (which started with iPad) in the Apple correct the situation.

In the background though not too big, but sales growth of personal computers in the world, proceeds from the sale of Macs has decreased again. From 7.42 billion dollars in the last holiday quarter to 7.16 billion. To a large extent the growth of PC sales in 2019 due to the massive transition to a new version of Windows (Windows 10). Operating system Macs is updated every year – it might not be too good, but the reason for the decline in sales of Macs is not that. If in November 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro has not changed the situation, the proceeds from the sale of Macs would be even lower. Mac Pro is even sold in larger quantities than expected of Apple, but its sales began at the end of the quarter, and it’s not the kind of computers that decided to give during the holidays. Even these high number of Mac Pro and their exorbitant prices seriously affect the income from the sale of Apple computers are not capable of. But it is clear what needs to be done, and urgently.