Nowadays, VPN has become a necessity. Many services still do not work in Russia (to take the same Spotify that we hopefully waited for the whole of last year), and VPN is the easiest way to access them. Not to mention the fact that the VPN provides confidentiality of the data to view webpages and applications: there are other users, including attackers, can monitor data sent from your iPhone.

Free VPN insecure

What does a typical user in this case? As a rule, goes to App Store and download any VPN from top apps (free, of course). However, the experts on information security are constantly monitoring such programs. So, a year ago it became known that the vast majority of the services allegedly offering a traffic encryption act contrary to generally accepted privacy practices, collecting user data and transmitting them to the side. Half of the total number of free VPN services are not equipped with any protective mechanisms and do not have a current support and willing users to help.

The logic is simple: if the developer provides you with a totally free VPN service — so he makes his friend. And often these “others” are your data — visit the pages, geolocation and so on who are happy to buy the company from the advertising business. The fact that many free VPN services are open source, meaning they can collect data about users and pass them to the side, if the developers want to make a “hidden” feature in the future.

How to recognize a quality VPN service

Conscientious VPN like Surfshark usually only offer a free trial period, to allow the user to test all the capabilities of the service before purchase. And then, if it suits all, the developers offer flexible pricing plans, with the Surfshark have the opportunity to return all the money back within 30 days if something does not like. Don’t forget that VPN is the commercial service and those who have it, have to make money, like any other technology company.

Benefits of paid VPN

Paid VPN service will offer you a quality product, in which subscription fees are directed to maintenance and improvement of the service. In addition, you will receive access to additional functions.

Advanced features

Paid VPN also offers additional features in the free counterparts just not. One example in Surfshark is a switch that automatically completes your Internet connection if the “mask” VPN for any reason is reset. This means that no spyware program can not detect your location even in the brief moment when protection was disabled.

Another function of the service mode is CleanWeb, which blocks ads, tracking sites and malware.


Good VPN services support encryption Bank level and private DNS. So, Surfshark uses an encryption algorithm with 256-bit AES keys. This is especially important when using a public Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, subways, cafes and restaurants and places like that.

This service also provides a high level of security in public Wi-Fi networks. This is especially important when using a public Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, subways, cafes and restaurants and places like that.

Connection speed

Have a paid VPN there are more servers that provide the Internet a large number of users. This improves the connection speed and quality. So, Surfshark has servers in Austria, the UK, Germany, Canada, Norway, USA and other countries. You can listen to music on Spotify or watch the videos at Hulu in high quality.

Paid or free VPN?

Is unlikely to save on their security and free VPN. If you’re serious about online privacy, you probably are interested that your information no one was selling and was not intercepted. The more time we spend online and the more we “live” on the Internet, the higher the probability of becoming the next victim. Try Surfshark for free during the week and see for yourself, and if you like it, it is logical to subscribe for two years — so the monthly VPN access will be cheaper cups of coffee. The service has an application not only for iOS but also for Android, macOS and Windows, even Apple TV and PlayStation. And a single subscription covers all platforms.