The elegant buildings of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air disgusting little connectors. And it’s awful (although we have become accustomed), but not for all. For those who dream of self-actualization, it is a gift of destiny in the abundance and diversity of solutions to this problem dazzled, but even amid this abundance Linedock is something special. At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas (CES 2020) was presented to hundreds of updates, one of them was a new model Linedock. The second in a row.

The world’s first Linedock appeared in the beginning of last year. Thing is arguable, it is expensive and heavier than we would like, and, to put it mildly, not without its flaws – but it has something from Apple that we’ve lost. It has a “highlight”. The debut model, Linedock 13 – dock for 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The one introduced at CES 2020, which has no name yet – she can’t be sold under the name “Linedock 15 and 16,” it is the release of the promised “within a year”.

It is designed for 15 – and 16-inch MacBook Pro, than you might guess. Linedock 13, of course, works without problems with them, but it’s ugly and less convenient. Doc, who is chosen by the size – it’s crazy. However, as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. About the new model yet little is known — only that I found it possible to inform the company AlphaLine, which owns the trademark Linedock, and that it was possible to notice during her presentation. It is very similar to Linedock 13, so first we’ll deal with it.

Linedock 13

Docks are different. Some of them are compact, no problems are placed in the laptop bag – but to use them on the go or outdoors more fun then. Actually, this need is usually not. In the vast majority of docks is something static that turns the laptop into something greater than himself, in the appropriate places. The role of Doka successfully executed external displays – in addition to performing their main tasks, they add to the meager set of connectors a modern MacBook s some of my own. And even the most compact and lightweight dock out of place in the “field” conditions – on the table in a train compartment or in the seat of an airliner. In fact, in such circumstances, the docks are not needed.

Linedock is a different kind of dock. A set of jacks it expands, adding three USB type-C (USB only, generation 1, data transfer rate 5 Gbps), two USB-A (USB 3.0, with the same data rate), UHS-II (Ultra High Speed class performance of the connector. UHS-II is the same as “up to 350 MB/s) SD card slot, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort. All nine of them. No Thunderbolt 3, no Ethernet – no. All these connectors are useless in the field, but in addition they have Linedock there’s something else. In the field of battery power simply can not be too much. In Linedock 13 integrated battery with a capacity of 71,61 Watt hours. It is an extra 8 hours of work.

And in Linedock can be installed SSD-drive capacity up to 1TB, but this is an optional element. Buying the dock, you can disable the SSD in this case Linedock will cost $ 349 (excluding taxes and fees), you can select the SSD volume of 256 GB (for an extra $ 100) or SSD 1 Terabyte (over $ 350). All SSD M. 2. Case Linedock 13, in width and depth, almost the same as the 13-inch MacBook s, with a thickness of 9 mm. Doc Weighs 912 grams. Hard. In working position the weight is almost not felt, on his knees no pressure.

Not without small, but talented to genius inventions, for example – U-shaped-USB cable, which fixes the position of the laptop and the dock. Alas, Linedock 13 it is necessary to use standard cable and without fixing, as the USB-C port on the body of the dock located differently than on the frame of the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Someone made a mistake, apparently because of the haste, someone checked out and everything came to light only when the first batch of products have been already released.

And yet, between MacBook ohms and the Doc is sometimes a frightening lack of understanding. After their connection, if the MacBook requires charging, within a few minutes, he reports that “battery not charging”. Then, two minutes later or three, the status changes to “charging in progress”. The audit showed that this is a problem with the display. MacBook and that requires charging, starts charging immediately. It’s not even a problem. A small blemish.