The Mac Pro is relatively inexpensive, can be turned into a real monster. This could guess, but I found the scientist who did this, filmed the process on camera. 384 gigabytes of RAM and 25 Terabytes SSD cost him, not counting the cost of Mac Pro, about eight thousand dollars. And this is not the limit. The possibility of upgrading from Mac Pro in 2019, especially given the Macs of recent years is phenomenal. Even those about which you can read on the Apple website. But the list is not exhaustive.

With RAM it’s simple – two banks of 6 slots each, with a picture explaining how to properly fill in the caps of these banks. The right modules correctly installed in these slots – all that is required for this. In the Mac Pro with cores smaller than 24, you can install up to 768 GB DDR4 ECC. To understand these rules and details is optional, 768 GB can be ordered in the online Apple store for 14 thousand dollars. Or 384 GB, 6 thousand. The author of the video purchased 6 modules with 64 GB each in Amazon, which cost him about $ 2,000. Including shipping. With SSD everything is much more complicated, because the chip Apple T2, which not only monitors the integrity of the configuration, but also encrypts SSD memory with a key known only to him. In an authorized Apple center this problem can be solved – but it is expensive, and it will take a lot of time. And we are talking about clearly non-standard configuration. To install it really had something to sacrifice and spend money. But if you need SSD 25 Terabytes or even if he, by and large, are not needed – but they really want to capture, now you know what to do.

The Configuration Of The Mac Pro

No, scientist have not learned to control your Apple T2 and not found in the market module flash memory with a capacity of 25 Terabytes, which could replace the module or modules of flash memory in place of their usual deployment. 24-Terabyte flash memory of 25 Terabytes, along with a card that supports NVMe M. 4, he has installed in a PCIe slot. What this flash memory cannot be used as a starter, set to its huge application space is highly undesirable – this is a repository of data with very fast access to them (it is twice as bright Apple flash memory).

And 256 Gigabytes, the Apple consecrated and controlled Apple T2 flash memory, to accommodate them in the operating system and a decent number of “heavy” applications, according to the author of the video, is not enough. Maybe he’s right. The option to increase flash memory up to 1 Terabyte worth in the online Apple store $ 400. Everything else in the miracle of the configuration will cost more, so use the word “only”. In sum, this along with a Terabyte of PCIe-card on 24-Terabyte – those 25 Terabytes that I promised you.

The author of the video either purchased a Mac Pro and upgrade it (this is not his first exercise) at its own expense, either he was well paid for it. Perhaps there is something to the PCIe card of the canadian company Amfeltec of Ontario literally swept off the shelves. It is not available for the second day. What I tell about this? According to the author of the video, he doesn’t need (for work) is not only a Mac Pro or iMac, Pro, MacBook Pro even it is not mandatory. But for his experiments he chose a Mac Pro with 16 core processor. To 25 Terabyte flash memory (1 + 24) staff worked 16 cores is not required 8 enough for the eyes. And even to change the standard 256 Gigabytes to 1 Terabyte optional. Him calmer and more comfortable, but no more. The rest used in the video configuration Mac Pro absolutely standard. A naturalist is a video blogger, so the video is filmed professionally. Share your impressions in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

How much is 24 Terabytes of memory

In the video, used PCIe card Amfeltec family of Squid (squid), which can accommodate up to 6 SSD modules. There is another option for 4 modules, but to use it in the Mac Pro is much more complicated – once the difficulties of no use to us. The author bought this card at Amazon, where it’s not in stock and the price is not specified. Amfeltec’s reports, it costs $ 700-800 (before taxes and fees), maybe more. Internal modules Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe M. 2 2280 is available in several versions, from 256 Gigabytes (for 46.98 USD, excluding the shipping cost) up to 4 Terabytes (for 749,99, also excluding shipping). There are 512 GB, 1 TB and 2. They are compatible with 6-seat map from Amfeltec.