Immediately after the release in 2016 play Pokemon GO beat one record after another and quickly became the most downloaded mobile game in history. However, as often happens, inertia takes over, and the hottest trend gradually began to weaken. You probably will not catch a pokemon (or do not quit the game? Tell us in our Telegram chat), but worldwide, there is a second round of popularity of the hit game.

In General, Pokemon GO was a very interesting story since its release. After a year she has brought developers to 832 million dollars, the popularity of the game, apparently, fell in 2017, when the game brought in much less — 589 million dollars. However, after a few months Pokemon GO back to growth — players “nationalily” as much as $ 816 million.

Update Pokemon GO

What is the reason for this popularity, because the trend is seemingly left behind? Sensor Tower explains the return game of the group leaders updates and better integration with real events. For example, last year in Pokemon GO added multi-function augmented reality, various unique in-game events, and more. In 2020, the developers of Niantic has already managed to promise to add long-awaited support for multiplayer online games in the near future.

What a unique Pokemon GO

I wonder what Pokemon GO is different from most mobile games in that it brings more revenue on Android than on iOS. According to Sensor Tower, Android users spent 482 million dollars, and users App Store — 412 million dollars. A similar story applies to the downloads: in Google Play are almost 70% in App Store is around 30%.

Usually it is the opposite, because the corporate app catalog Apple almost twice more profitable than its main competitor. Such a significant gap in the profitability of the stores can be explained by the fact that Google Play does not work in China, then how the App Store operates without any restrictions. Experts say that on equal terms the income could be quite different. However, if we talk about the number of downloads of applications, the difference is not in favor of the corporate app catalog Apple. For 2018 in Google Play was made 75,7 billion downloads, while the App Store is only 29.6 billion.

In the United States game in 2019 earned 335 million dollars, which corresponds to 38% of all expenses. Japan took the second place on income from 286 million dollars, or 32% of the total, and third place went to Germany with 54 million dollars, or 6%.

In Russia, this game was released only TWO years after the release of the world — in September 2018. Now she is not even in the tops of the App Store. However, if you travel to Europe, you notice that many people play and catch pokemon, as during the boom 3 years ago. If you also want to GO give Pokemon a second chance, leave a link below.