Any MacBook, iMac, Mac mini or other computer, sooner or later, said his master, “Faster can not work; and the place on the drive over.” Yes, it occurs, as a rule, not earlier than in 5-6 years of using a MacBook, but in order for the computer served for a time, it is necessary to take due care and update spare parts in availability. Even the installation of higher capacity drive can drastically change the performance of the computer to the best, not to mention SSD.

For example, a couple of years ago I literally breathed life into my old MacBook Pro Retina 2012, setting the SSD to 512 GB instead of 128 GB memory lacked. I’m not going to say how much inside the case was found out of dust, and thermal paste obviously can’t cope. MacBook Pro 2010 years very good possibility of customization — with the current Apple laptops, this trick will not do.

To perform their own cleaning (and especially the replacement of thermal paste) do not suggest — in the MacBook Pro too much fragile ribbon cables that can be damaged in the analysis. And the replacement drive is not the easiest task for the average user. So you can trust your laptop to the service center where MacBook Pro can clean, renew and return to life. We asked experts from Apple Pro show, how exactly is this procedure. Not so long ago to him just got a MacBook Pro late 2011, which failed hard disk.

A utility for testing the drive showed a large number of bad sectors. To the computer again to use it, you need to replace the hard drive.

How to clean MacBook

As engineers face the challenge not just to change the drive and allow the laptop in order, they need to almost completely disassemble the computer.

The technician first disconnects the battery, disassemble the straps of RAM, and disconnect all cables from the motherboard, so it can be removed. Among them train AirPort/Bluetooth, camera, fan, display module, and many others.

After dismantling the fan, it is already possible to notice how much dust was formed around it during the operation of this MacBook Pro.

Next, the engineer disassembles the battery and the motherboard to clean the body from the inside and replace the thermal compound of the processor.

Cleaning is not only the body but also the components of a computer for 9 years they formed a lot of dust.

Having easy access to the motherboard, the technician disassembles the block cooling the CPU. Thermal paste already there and not visible — you need to update it in order to avoid overheating of the chip.

How to replace a disk in MacBook Pro

After the cleaning procedure, you can proceed to replace the drive. In this particular model was installed in the hard disk of 1 TB. But hard drives in 2020 in MacBook almost nobody puts — what if there is a good and fast SSD? So the hard drive is removed and installed in its place the SSD.

But wait, because this model still have an optical drive? Yeah, then Apple had not abandoned him, but in 2020 this dinosaur is no longer needed. So we can safely dismantle your optical drive and install in his place another SSD. The device by which this is done is called an Optibay.

It is an adapter, is identical to the DVD-drive and installed in his place. Inside the case is a SSD, which becomes, thus, the second repository. This solid state drive that has no moving parts, which is vastly superior to HDD for speed and are extremely resistant to shock, vibrations and temperature extremes.

Liberated DVD-drive if it continues there is a need, you can put in a USB box designed for external connection to the laptop.

After mounting both drives, you can carry out the necessary tests to verify the health of all nodes.