The US launched a consumer exhibition CES 2020. Companies from around the world present their products. Some of them will be a good addition to Apple products, so we can’t miss their announcement and right now, definitely all show and tell.

Sengled smart bulbs

Let’s start with the smart home and Sengled. The company introduced Smart Hub 6 generation with support for HomeKit and the ability to control devices using Siri, the new LED lamp Edison Filament Bulb, vintage style with a color temperature of 2100K. The company has updated Smart Plug, adding the control of energy consumption.

Smart cameras from ADT

The company ADT security related data, today announced a new line of cameras for the smart home with HomeKit support. The line includes the street surveillance camera, door bell with integrated camera and home surveillance camera.

All cameras can shoot in FullHD quality, however, the door features the ability to shoot 180 degrees, whereas the remaining two I see only 130 degrees.

Support HomeKit will allow owners to receive notifications on your smartphone when someone rings the doorbell, will also be available live-stream footage by clicking on interest. You can control cameras through voice commands Siri.

Deliveries will start before the end of January, and you can preorder them right now. All three cameras valued at $ 199.

Smart watch ScanWatch

Today was also represented smart watch by French company Withings. They are unique with their capabilities. ScanWatch able to determine irregular heart rhythms and shortness of breath during sleep. A clock will tell the owner about the presence of tachycardia or bradycardia. A kind of replacement of ECG by the Holter. Of course, maybe not so accurate, but still.

This watch uses a small screen that will display notifications related to the improper functioning of the heart. In the iOS app, users will be able to measure your heart rate, number of steps, sleep time, heart rate during sleep, shortness of breath during sleep, as well as information on blood oxygen saturation.

The clock can work from a single charge is about 30 days, sales will begin in the second quarter of this year at a price of $ 249 for the 38 mm model and $ 299 for the 42 mm.

Toothbrushes from Oral-B and Colgate-enabled iPhone

The two largest player in the market of toothbrushes and toothpastes introduced the intelligent brush with support for iPhone.

First, consider the Oral-B iO. Brush equipped with a magnetic drive, which makes the Shoe more soft, and the battery consumption is efficient. Another feature of the toothbrush is the brush head, which makes a rotational and oscillating movement with micro-vibration, which makes the cleaning more deep.

App for iOS-based artificial intelligence offers the user a number of recommendations based on the available data cleaning (all the data on the use of toothbrush with Bluetooth is going straight to the app).

It is equipped with a sensor that determines the pressure force exerted on it, on the basis of these data with feedback it can help the user to control the pressing force. In addition, using a small screen of brush at the time of brushing, welcomes and motivates the owner. And in the meantime we encourage you to subscribe to our Telegram.

It is worth to say a few words about the brush Plaqless Pro from Colgate. Its main feature is the 3D map of the oral cavity. Thanks to the sensors built into the brush, the app for iOS displays inadequately treated areas of the teeth.

Smart home is already here. We don’t even notice how quickly all the smart things become part of our lives. A couple of years ago we looked at HomeKit as something irrelevant and unnecessary, but now that manufacturers are increasingly supporting the development of smart home and see my future, we had hopes that the market will continue to develop in the future.