Despite the fact that the original iPhone SE has never been a worldwide bestseller, its sequel was, perhaps, the most discussed smartphone of Apple in recent years. Still, after to flagship device everyone wants, and to pay the full cost for it accept only a few. But if the first iPhone SE was a kind of experimental model that was not supposed to continue, the second generation may be part of the main line, calling it something like the iPhone 9 or so. But this does not mean that Cupertino will abandon experiments in the future novelty.

iPhone SE 2 – we will call him that until the official name – could become the first smartphone in the line, which will receive Touch ID built into the side the power key. The same technique of placing the scanner uses Huawei, equipping them devices subliminoso lineup. There, a solution is not only appropriate, but also logical: the finger he lies down on the scanning area when the user takes the smartphone in his hands. As a result, the detection is made maximally simple and quickly it is due to anatomically accommodate dactyloscopy.

What is good for Huawei, for Apple death

But if in the case with smartphones Huawei scanner in the side button looks like the only option because of the large display, which occupies the entire front panel, in the case of the iPhone SE 2 such a choice can be challenged. After all, if you believe the rumors, the flagship of the sequel will be only filling, while externally he will repeat the iPhone 8, which has enough space below the screen to accommodate a Home button with integrated Touch ID. And, therefore, it makes sense to remove the scanner from the physical control just to move it somewhere else, no.

So, either this leak has nothing to do with reality, either Apple decided to use the hull of another model, e.g., iPhone, XR. He, like iPhone 8, has a single camera, IPS display, and is only slightly more expensive, making it a good choice for the role of donor for iPhone SE 2. Besides, iPhone XR display diagonal of 6.1 inches, which under present conditions is more preferable option than 4.7 inches that comes with the iPhone 8. But this raises another question: if Apple will build the iPhone case of the XR and put the scanner in the side button, where she will get to display a pickup?

What will the iPhone 2 SE

Keep it in the absence of Face ID be more than illogical, but to remove it, leaving the screen completely symmetrical in Cupertino, too, will not. It looks like this smartphone will look even more attractive than the modern iPhone 11 Pro, and therefore at risk to adopt all the attention to himself. But then sales will skyrocket, and the popularity of the “real” flagship will collapse a stone down which the Apple is absolutely not necessary. Therefore, I conclude that this leak is either a mistake made by insiders, or the desire of Poipet on a popular topic and try to provoke discussion in the Network.