Apple had always strongly opposed the surveillance of users and not only tried to avoid it myself, but to criticize those who allow themselves something like that, regardless of the method. Thus, Apple made it clear that to be successful, even if you do not collect the confidential information of their clients and not to sell it on the side. However, from time to time, Apple was criticized those who – perhaps rightly – suspected of violating their own principles, and then the company had to respond to this, justifying itself, and the methodology used for data collection.

At the end of last year, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max complained that their smartphones themselves will activate the geolocation tools, collecting information about their location. This happened even if the services were disabled, that for many it has become, if not shock then at least an unpleasant surprise. In Cupertino have responded to these complaints fairly quickly, explaining that the blame for the chip U1. He can turn on location services to determine the coordinates to figure out where he is and depending on it to activate the Ultra Wideband or block her because in some countries its use is prohibited.

How to disable geolocation on the iPhone

Despite the fact that most of the users, in General, the answer Apple has made, the company still decided to spoil his reputation so completely useless and built into iOS 13.3.1 special switch that allows to switch the surveillance off. He appeared in the second beta version of the update that came out a week earlier. To find it, go to “Settings” — “Privacy” — “location Services” — “System services”. There you must turn off Networking & Wireless, then the automatic activation of location services will stop.

Actually correct that Apple decided to add iOS in the switch. In the end, for most users, the appearance of the icon location in the status bar can be bad news and even reason to contact the service center. After all, if location services is off and the smartphone still continues to collect data on the movements, it is at least strange and most likely would be of interest to pseudoprotocol trying to make money on litigation involving major corporations.