Probably all heard stories about what the annual salary of Steve jobs at the post Apple CEO was equal to one dollar. It is clear that he was not lacking in securities of the company, and therefore, even with such a salary that the entrepreneur in poverty. Sometimes, however, it became the cause of all sorts of incidents, which used to tell himself jobs. For example, it is known that whenever jobs would come to dine in the campus cafeteria, where you had to pay with the personal badge associated with the account officer, he could gain anything, but didn’t know who pays really, because his salary is not enough even for coffee. Tim cook usually pays for itself, but it is understandable, because his salary is much higher than was its predecessor.

For 2019 Tim cook at the post Apple CEO received $ 125 million, recognized Bloomberg. The total amount formed of the actual wage (3 million), annual bonus (7.7 million), sale of own shares (113,5 million), vacations (92 thousand dollars) and other surcharges. This is quite a large amount, which however turned out to be $ 10 million less than the top Manager received a year earlier.

How much Apple spends on Tim cook

However, the costs that Apple is forced to bear because of Tim cook not limited. According to the officially confirmed information, only the personal security of the Director General last year, the company spent 457 thousand dollars. It is even more than went to pay for private air travel cook: 315 thousand dollars, which is quite a bit, given that we are talking about using a business jet, which costs not a penny.

Reason for the decline in revenues, Tim cook was the decision of the Board of Directors to reduce the amount of the bonus owed to him at the end of each year, due to the slowdown in financial growth of the company. Despite the fact that Apple has changed its business strategy by switching from a quantitative to a qualitative sales, the company’s revenues from sales of key products in recent years, though grew, but significantly slower than before. So investors, finding that this resulted in errors in the management of the company decided that compensate for this reduction in the size of the award to the CEO.