In recent years, when almost all companies began to sell data of its customers, Apple looks like the last Bastion of integrity and reliability. In any case, to find another the same major brand, that would be so thoroughly concerned with the preservation of the privacy of the users, perhaps, impossible. Therefore, all allegations of breach of confidentiality from time to time imposed by Apple invariably become public. But usually if all of these claims come from firms-a something ephemeral and not worth a damn, when they are expressed in the Facebook, just ignore it will not succeed.

Breaking iPhone X the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos was not the fault of WhatsApp, and the fault of Apple. This opinion is shared by Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice-President of the Corporation Facebook, which owns the messenger. According to her, the public should not erect false accusations on WhatsApp, because he in this case was made solely as a means of delivering malware and in its place could be any other messaging service. So, I’m sure Mendelssohn, it is logical to look for the cause of hacking on the device and its operating system.

WhatsApp — a hotbed of viruses

Nicola Mendelsohn believes that the blame for hacking iPhone Jeff Bezos is not on WhatsApp

An important aspect that must be given careful attention, is the presence of vulnerabilities present in the operating system and the device subjected to hacking. In the situation with the iPhone Jeff Bezos WhatsApp acted as a means of delivering the virus file to the smartphone and nothing more. If you want to understand the causes of hacking, you should examine vulnerabilities that contributed to the break-in, explained Mendelson.

If we reject the idea that Mandelson is just trying to divert trouble from the company and service, which she directs, in her reasoning, we can detect a dose of common sense. After all, if the operating system has no security flaws, it’s hacking, because corny malicious component will be blocked as before happened. And in this case he allowed to get into the device memory and to start collecting sensitive data, but also to send them via a remote connection without blocking.

Is it possible to hack WhatsApp via iPhone

But, on the other hand, to take responsibility with WhatsApp too. First, you know, a lot of cases where third-party applications worked on the operating system so that it enabled them to do with the device what under normal conditions can not be done. As recently as last year it turned out that the Facebook app for iOS secret from the user launched the camera and blocked its interface with its menu of multitasking. Secondly, WhatsApp lately too often he is involved in these scandals, allowing you to replace the text messages, listen to voice calls.