Subscribe today – it’s the main way to profit from almost any project. First it mastered the magazines and Newspapers who were forced to bear the regular costs for printing and labor journalists. However, over time it became clear that this format of monetization can be successfully applied in other areas. The result is music services almost completely switched to the subscription, and the video began to make it a series, which preferred to sell at a model of monthly payment. But for some, the subscription is more expensive than others. Understand what’s going on here.

For quite some time I have come across in a Network on comments from dissatisfied users of the Apple devices that you notice which often many services are offered to subscribe through your website is cheaper than if it is done in apps for iOS, tvOS or macOS. Often the price difference is quite noticeable to just take and make a pass outside. Many believe that this is some bug or the developers just want to rip off the rich owners of “Apple” technique more money. But this is absolutely not true.

Why is the app a different price subscription

The thing is that all transactions are conducted through applications for iOS, macOS, or tvOS, subject to a 30% Commission. Because of this, developers are forced to lose quite a considerable part of their income, and to prevent this from happening, they simply increase the cost of the subscription, which is paid monthly, in the amount of the fee. Therefore, if you issue a subscription on YouTube Premium app for iOS, it will cost 249 rubles. However, if you go to the site YouTube and subscribe there, you’ll pay 199 roubles.

Some developers do it and not wind the price, but simply depriving iOS users of all sorts of discounts, even if they are included in a separate paid package. In this case we are talking about the package “Yandex.Plus”, which includes a discount on the purchase of movies for “IMDb”. Check for yourself. If you try to buy any movie on the site, you will be offered a double discount from MasterCard and from “Yandex.Plus”. In the application of the service on iOS none of these discounts are not applied, despite the fact that “Yandex.Plus” is a paid story, for which your account is debited for 169 rubles a month and, logically, the discount of this package must act, always and everywhere.