That Apple will be holding in March of the next event, at the theater named Steve jobs or anywhere on the road (last March’s event took place in the most unexpected places), they know everything.Apple has not promised anything, and even never on something like that is not hinted. At this event Apple, though, will announce the iPhone 9 (which before that was called iPhone SE 2), upgrade iPad Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with a “normal” keyboard. And AirTag. And something else – I will not enumerate. For March events is already too much, and not quite traditionally – usually these events are dedicated to one topic. Anyway, all this was supposed to happen in March, but because of Wuhan virus, it seems, will be postponed.

January 27, after reporting that the viral threat, which is already a lot written at the time, much more serious than anticipated, and that it has already invaded in the U.S., stock indexes and quotes of most companies fell. Relatively slightly, but for the first time in the last two or three months. The prices Apple are also affected, and the reasons for this our shareholders have had enough. iPhone 9, updated iPad Pro (case-hardened), the new 13-inch (or 14 inch) MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and AirTag, the expected, almost already here, in these conditions, almost unreal.

The stock price of Apple fell less than 3%, and the next day almost recovered – shareholders anticipated the brilliant results of the recent holiday quarter, and no mistake. Among other things, the report reaffirmed what we already knew: with the iPad and Mac AMI it is urgent to do something. Guessed this to Apple, and worked on it. May be successful, but will we see the results of these efforts are now unknown.

The problems with Apple’s

The vast majority of components for the iPhone, iPad and Macs is produced outside the United States. Mainly in mainland China. These devices, with few exceptions, are going there. Recently, the list of the countries where factories are working at Apple has expanded: it now India, Vietnam, Hungary and beyond. Maybe it was not necessary to move production of components and devices outside the United States?

If all parts for the iPhone and iPad was made in the US, we would now be living in a completely different world. First, these devices simply would not exist. If Apple would not follow the example of colleagues in the industry, or it will not be, or it would have dragged out a miserable existence, and about any iPhone or iPad would not be able to walk and talk. The transfer of production to countries with excess and cheap labor has lowered the cost of computers. Producing the computers and their accessories in USA, Apple quickly lost to the competition. Secondly, if they do come to light, they would cost much more expensive, would have developed much slower, and would have lasted on the market long. There are third and fourth – but it happened exactly as happened, and as a result we have what we have.

Wuhan virus was first discovered in a medical facility in Wuhan. It is a metropolis with 12 million inhabitants in the heart of mainland China, in one of the most disadvantaged regions of the country. China – the world’s second largest economy, the first after the United States. It is fantastically rich. But in the area surrounding Wuhan, still reigns terrible poverty, and hygiene there is catastrophically bad. Because of the virus in Wuhan and its surrounding area is declared a brutal quarantine. In China, Apple has over three hundred suppliers, two of them in this city. Apple does not disclose information about where, what and at what rates produces for them. We only know that the quarantine in this city interfere with several current projects Apple. Perhaps, for most of these iPad Pro, or for MacBook Pro/Air.

Apple is also taking measures to protect the company personnel from becoming infected with this virus travel to China, up to reduce the risk of infection is limited. And the organization of production and control over the initial stages require the constant presence of a large number of specialists. In addition, quarantine is declared not only in Wuhan – from plants running, including Apple, in the area with restriction of entry and a high risk of infection in almost all. The launch of new products into production, at best, difficult and slow. About the worst options I won’t even speak to move production to, for example, in India, Vietnam or Malaysia – you can. But it can take years. This is already not the first year in India are already producing XR and iPhone iPhone 11.

Even if 9 iPhone (aka iPhone SE2), the updated iPad Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air with a “normal” keyboard, captured the imagination of millions of people, not phantoms, but real devices that are being prepared for publication, with their exit, most likely, will have to wait. If something expected will be released in March, both Apple and working in the company of people it will be a real feat.

Apple is the problem

Due to the abnormally high demand for some already existing Apple product, even without the Wuhan virus from Apple has a serious problem. It would seem that when produced in massive numbers of expensive devices is not enough, it is healthy. Actually no. Those who really wanted to give Apple some of their blood is likely to find something similar (even worse) the competition, and almost certainly will be lost as the client not only in the present but in the future. Desire is transitory. Apple fails to provide sufficient production of the Apple Watch Series 3, which suddenly increased demand. They are not enough. Ordered from TSMC Apple A13 (order size has been increased several times), it’s already enough, even for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, but now these chips have even more – apparently, for an imaginary “iPhone 9”. Probably, the order will be increased, and factories in Taiwan giant party Apple A13 will be made and paid, but the release of “iPhone 9” can easily be delayed or even cancelled.